Thursday, March 2, 2017

I'm Really Busy...

I have so much real 'stuff' to do in my life I do not have time to blog. I know that my three part-time readers realize this, and have just had to make do. But I just had to respond to this.

It is not Trump's speech.

It is not Keith Ellison (Muslim) not standing to honor the wife of an American serviceman killed in Yemen.

It is this:

Soldier in Miami Takes Pictures of Illegally Parked Police Cars

I did not read the entire article, I will admit. Maybe I am wrong about the view of the person taking the pictures, or the article in general. But it is a basic misunderstanding, and contempt, and condescension, etc., etc. that just gets my blood boiling.

Why do we have parking laws?

Why is it illegal to park like the vehicle below?

It blocks the crosswalk - makes it unsafe for pedestrians to have to go around.

It is too close to a fire hydrant, makes it unsafe for a firetruck to have to work around in case of a fire.

Cities have "NO PARKING" all over the place - when cars can clearly fit, like the one above. Some cities, or in some areas of cities, they want to generate revenue for parking so EVERYWHERE is illegal to park, except in metered or paid spaces.

I will cut to the chase.  Why do we have police cars?

Police officers respond to emergencies. Police officers work shifts, and during those shifts they must respond to a domestic violence call, a subject with a gun, a vehicle accident, and yes, to barking dogs (but barking dogs can lead to murder).  Instead of measuring each instance on a case by case basis - typically police officers park in a place where they can get to their cars quickly, which is often in an "illegal" space.  Police officers often drive on the wring side of the road, they speed, they do not use their turn signal, they have sirens - they do many things that for a normal citizen would be considered illegal.  In most states - they are exempt from those moving violations if they are responding to a call. And, in most localities, they are exempt from parking laws.  

Now, this is not to say that they should not consider safety where they park, such as forcing cars to drive around the parked police car in to oncoming traffic. But citizens must realize that police officers DO NOT KNOW what they will have to respond to, and how quickly they will need to get to their vehicles and get them moving. 

I have heard people complain when cops that are in a restaurant have parked illegally. It is a known fact, that the more comfortable an officer is while eating, the better tasting the food, and the more the officer eats, the higher the probability the officer is about to get into something requiring running.

*Further, if there is a hose dragger reading this - police get the fire calls too, so if a fire truck needs to access the hydrant - the cop should know to move the car, or you may block it in.