Sunday, October 24, 2010


...the Juan Williams debacle has exploded on the google machine. Awesome. The left should be proud of what they are, and what they stand for. They should not fear this.

...Article after article after article mentions that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives $400 million a year from taxpayers, and NPR only gets a few million of that directly. These same articles mention that it is only a small portion of their budgets, and Michelle Malkin points out - why not get rid of it then?

...If you, like the Federal Government, were in debt so much that your projections had you never getting out, and only digging deeper - would you still say, "well, Starbucks is only a small portion of my spending, so I'll keep going...", would you? seriously, would you?

It's fun to read old papers...adds extolling the virtues of cigarettes and cocaine:

(believe me, I've had that toothache where I would'a freebased heroin if I had it, just to make the pain go away)

...I wonder if years from now, people will read our articles and laugh at us, saying to themselves - "That's what happened - nobody thought $400 million was a big deal...and that's what caused the crash."

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fckopp said...

Wonder what they took for headaches? PCP?