Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Ready...

...while watching the coverage of the shooting in AZ, and hearing the slant several on the left (see Pima County Bufoon Sheriff) were taking, I made the offhand comment that soon people would try to outlaw the words "target", "bullseye," or "sights," and that they would justify their efforts by saying, "..only when used in context with an elected official."

Well here we go:  Brady Wants 'Target' Websites Banned

"This is not a knee jerk reaction, Brady said. "This legislation makes it illegal to place crosshairs on a Congressman's district."

Dear Mr. Brady,
Please look up 'knee jerk reaction' in dictionary.
Common Sense

Because of people like Brady, there were certain areas of Pennsylvania where it was against the law to curse...until the ACLU stepped in.  NEVER thought I would be on their side! case you forgot, the movie Death of a President, which came out in 2006 and was about the assassination of President George W. Bush, was reviewed by all the major newspapers including The New York Times.  There was no proposed legislation, not even an outcry for the need for 'civility.'

Again, the left does not let 'facts' and 'reality' get in their way...

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fckopp said...

Is it true the "leftists" do not make much use of the LEFTside of their brains?