Thursday, May 24, 2012

At First Glance...

Artifically inseminated Utah mom fights for son to get dead spouse's Social Security benefits

So, Dad dies, uh, before he was a Dad.  So, uh, Mom uses stored genetic material to have baby.  I'm okay with that, I don't necessarily support it, but (and I love to quote him) Oscar Goldman said, "We have the technology."

Now Mom wants Social Security survivor benefits.  Social Security has many components, and one of the original was OASDI (Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance).  If Dad paid in, and Dad died, his survivors get benefits.  The Supreme Court recently ruled that in these 'technology' cases, the State will decide (hurrah for State's rights!).

Here is the real problem:

If Dad were not FORCED to pay into this fund, then after he died, Mom would already have his money.  Why is the government forcing us to pay into this ponzi scheme, spending our money on other programs, and then not paying what us the money was intended for?

At first glance, I wanted to say, "Sure lady, raise your baby on the government dime...", but I was wrong.

I cut and pasted the article title, with its typo, to make a point about our counrty's lack of etidrs...

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LL said...

The 'Nanny State' helps both politicians and the shiftless. It centralizes power and with it, the ability to compel more completely.

Americans fought a Civil War (War of the Rebellion/War of Northern Aggression - pick your title) about states rights and the right to compel. Some would say that the states lost. Others would say it was all about negroes.

Income taxes were levied on the richest 1% of Americans to help pay for the war courtesy of Salmon Chase (Chase Manhattan Bank). And thus began the need to 'pay it off' with more taxes just this once.