Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Facts are Stubborn Things...

A police officer who works for a federal violent crimes task force asked me the other day, "What is this thing about Obama and guns, or something?"  I replied, "You mean Fast and Furious?"  He answered, "I don't know, Obama and guns or something?"  That officer's task force...includes the ATF.

Why are we not surprised that the American public is not aware of this?

[I don't know why, when people make these videos, they add vintage 80's instrumental soundtracks?]

1:57  Miller claims Attorney General Holder said, "These tactics (gun walking), if they've been employed, are illigetimate tactics, they shouldn't happen."

Gun walking is dangerous, but it is an approved method, and in order to let a gun walk for investigative purposes, an agent in the field needs approval.  Operation Fast and Furious sought, and received that approval.  It wasn't the first, but it was probably the largest such operation - I would find it odd that Holder was shocked in 2011 to hear that he or his Deputies had signed off on this.  Especially since Fast and Furious was an OCDETF case that included wiretaps?  Both require AG or Deputy AG approval.

2:36  "...this was a field level operation that happened in Arizona." 

"Field level" operations that include wiretaps, need Attorney General approval.  The AG (or Deputy) signs off on the affidavit to the court, after the local United States Attorney, the requesting agency (Special Agent in Charge, and/or Director) and the DOJ's Office of Enforcement Operations (OEO).  OEO scrutinizes every investigative technique used prior to requesting a wiretap.

2:44  "...guns were allowed to walk, something that is not a legitamate law enforcement tactic...and if he had known...he (Holder) would have stopped it."

He tries several times to blame the "Bush Administration." Ignoring that this took place under Holder.

3:43  "...people at the ATF and the people at the US Attorney's Office in Arizona have said that they didn't brief officials in Washington.  And that's really unfortunate because I think it might have been stopped earlier."

Once again - not true.  Read this.  While I do believe that the AG and his deputies rubber stamp these - the reason their signature is required, is that they AUTHORIZE and therefore ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY.

Socialist Ed Shultz - hit the right questions afterwards, but didn't follow up. Miller can say these things on Shultz's show, but would he under oath?


LL said...

I think that this sociopathic liar would say the same thing under oath that he said during the MSM interview.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Don't you know you have to give guns to criminals in order to keep them out of the hands of law abiding citizens.