Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Big Fat Rant...

I was reading a blog where a helpy-helperton was giving advice...while trying to be nice (and she was).    I started to leave a comment, and realized anybody who reads my comment there will not want to hear facts, they will just think I'm mean.

Why are people overweight.?  Why are 66% of Americans overweight?  Why are our "poor" overweight?  Why are our elderly overweight?  Why are close to 33% of Americans "obese?"

Its not because they each gave birth to 10 babies, and its not genetics.

* * * get ready * * *

Its because they eat too much food.

So return the diet books, send back the DVDs, stop paying money to go to the gym, and stop blaming the babies! (You can blame them for so much more, like 1) Why you can't go to the movies anymore, 2) Why you can't eat at nice restaurants, 3) Why you don't get a full nights sleep, 4) Why you can't go on fancy vacations...)

Food in America is plentiful, inexpensive, and everywhere (they didn't always sell it in gas stations and pharmacies you know).  And - most of it is not even food! Its made in a factory, and made to look like food, but read the ingredients, if you can't pronounce it - DON'T EAT IT!

But Race, my grocery bill is huge, and a gallon of milk is $4!  Yes, but that's because you buy too much food, and drink too much milk.  And in our whacked society, to buy 'fresh' food without packaging, without all the sugar and additives...costs more.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be overweight - that is your choice.  I'm saying you shouldn't wonder why.

Schatzi...may she rest in peace...


LL said...

You are so cruel to suggest that Americans take the fork out of their mouth.

And what about the people who make their living selling food additives? What about them? What about their rights to peddle stuff that nobody can pronounce?

Then there are the salt producers. A salt mine used to be the place that the Russians sent those who were 'politically incorrect' to spend the rest of their lives. Today, it's a real job because there has to be half a pound of salt in a Big Mac Meal Deal. The quarter pounder is so named not because of the weight of the horse meat but because the sugar and salt in it weighs half a pound.

Stop trying to destroy the economy single handedly with your advice.

The Twinkie has already gone the way of the iron horse and it was one of the only foods out there that would reliably taste the same 1000 years after it was produced. (weepy sigh)

Race Bannon said...

Long live the Tasty Cake!!!

LL said...

Sure they're tasty, but will the Tasty Cake survive the next ice age? Will it endure the zombie apocalypse to feed the hungry semi-human masses that crawl out from their caves after nuclear winter?

I don't have the answer. I'm only suggesting that in the future, your blog may be repudiated by the Morlocks, dwelling underground in the English countryside of in a troglodyte civilization, maintaining ancient machines that they may not remember how to build. The decision tree will come down to Tasty Cakes or human flesh.

Opus #6 said...

McD's sells food that requires no forks at all.

Weight loss can be a cost-saver, to be sure. Eating less makes the food in the pantry last longer.

Mrs. K said...

Bolderdash to it all. MNAPTHOPEHTH. Scooze me while I type with my mouth full of words I cannot pronounce. I'm just sayin... ;)