Monday, December 5, 2016

What Bias?

The New York Times admitted it can not be unbiased, and then after the election of Donald Trump, admitted they were out of touch with the American voter.

From the Washington Post today:

It is a wonder that Republicans ever win elections...


LL said...

Between the Times and the Post, you'd think that the nation descended from a well-ordered, well-oiled machine into anarchy as their best predictions of a swift and sure Clintonian victory (and new world order) into the chaos of a return to Constitutionalism.

Prog eltes predict that WE THE PEOPLE are incapable of governing ourselves. Of course, they wouldn't know because they simply 'fly over' the country from one coast to the other. And who wouldn't. The people in the middle cling to God and guns, are dangerously heterosexual, etc. They are certainly deplorable.

LindaG said...

I don't want the stuff they are on, to come up with this sort of stuff.
They obviously forget what they are writing as soon as it goes to press.