Saturday, June 10, 2017

Why Trump Fired Comey...

I was asked this when it happened. My answer was that Comey was too soft. Comey wants people to know what he is thinking and feeling, so that his honorable and ethically sound principles are there for everybody to see. But how then did he get everybody so mad by publicly announcing the findings in the Clinton Private email Server investigation, and get Trump so mad by NOT saying publicly that Trump was not a "target" of the Russian Collusion investigation?

Read This: Why Trump Fired Comey by Andrew McCarthy 

Summary: Comey got into the political pool, and then did not understand that he can not swim, and it was too deep for a guy only 6'8".

"Comey maintains, as he did in the July 2016 Clinton-e-mails press conference, that there is a “public interest” exception to the Justice Department rule against commenting on investigations. But public interest is the very reason for the no-comment rule. The point is to avoid smearing people who have not been charged with a crime. Such a smear happens only if the public is interested in the case."

"I didn't know politics was so political"

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LL said...

He had a sweet 10 year gig. All he had to do was be FBI Director. Despite what people may think, it's a country club environment and all you need to is fend off the sycophants (somebody needs to constantly whisper 'sic transit gloria mundi' into your ear). When the president asked him a question, Comey should have sacked up enough to give him an honest and straightforward answer. But Comey was never an FBI Agent. He's a lawyer and a bureaucrat. And that lack of understanding of the human condition (for good and ill) was his undoing.

If he'd worked at a PD for a few years including grinding graveyard shifts, gone to law school, become an FBI agent, maybe served on HRT and some other demanding assignments, maybe even a stretch in OPR, and then eventually had been director, he wouldn't have been the sniveling little 6'8" girl that is currently scorned by everyone.

What would Dir. Comey have done to a field agent who met with the President privately, wrote a memo of the meeting and then leaked it to the NY Times to discredit the President? And that's my point. He's always been above the law. It's the same problem that many lawyers who gravitate into politics experience.

Now he's a disgrace to the FBI and a national joke. His ego won't let him slice it that way because he's far too self righteous for THAT.