Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't Stop me Now...

This post started out as comments on this posting at Can we keep our Republic...but I kept going on and I put it here.

...It seems as though the race card did not stick, so those in power on the left have moved on to try and paint the Tea Party as a third far right being linked to social issues and specific GOPers - things they believe that 'moderates' and Dem's won't accept.

...What the Tea Party could use (in the long run) is a couple of high profile Dem's, some blue dogs, to make some noise. (I really don't know any, but I'm sure they are out there, and I'M SURE they are more in line with most Americans than Nancy Pelosi, and I'm not talking about the ones that are changing their colors for the election, you know - the ones with the Scott Brown pickup trucks in their commercials).

...I just have so little faith in the congress, even with a Republican majority. We don't agree on abortion, we don't agree on what marriage is, we don't agree on how evolution was created . . . but we should all agree that the government should not be in the business of punishing business, should not spend money it doesn't have, and should not keep growing faster than the private sector.

...I understand the left's belief that Government can provide solutions to problems in ways that the private sector can't. It makes laws, it can 'enforce' natural rights, etc. I don't agree, but I understand what they are thinking... But when that Government proves over and over again its INABILITY to solve those problems, and instead self perpetuates uncontrolled growth in debt, bureaucracy, complexity and encroaches so far into the daily lives of all Americans - in our schools, in our health care, in our can they not see that? That, I don't get.

...that is when I come back to States Rights. If California wants to be, well, California. Let it. I can choose not to live there. And if New Jersey wants to be New Jersey...who the hell wants to be New Jersey?

...All politics is local, especially when the Federal Government controls everything local...


LL said...

The Tea Party has never taken a stand on anything that I'm aware of with the exception of RESPONSIBLE SPENDING, SMALLER GOVERNMENT and devolving the decision making to the lowest possible level where the people have the greatest say over how the government operates.

I agree with you that some Democrats will be espousing the same thing - not because they believe it, but because it will get them into office. (and exempted from ObamaCare for life)

Josiah said...

"But when that Government proves over and over again its INABILITY... how can they not see that? That, I don't get."

I think you're assuming that they care. I'm becoming more convinced every day that they really just don't. Being utterly disconnected from the reality and effects of their own decisions, politics is in all practicality little more than a game to them. Maybe you win, maybe you lose, but it really doesn't matter too much either way. "Education issues? So what? My kids have private tutors anyway. Tax issues? A nuisance, but I'll just move my yacht somewhere else. Healthcare? High premiums? I'm exempt anyway."