Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shh, don't tell anybody...

Obama Authorizes Covert Operations in Libya, as U.S. Considers Aiding Rebels, Sources Say

I hope the administration, for whatever reason, intended this to be leaked (i.e. Gaddaf, buddy, the writing is on the wall). 
Two other points...
1) Is you serious? A couple days after Obama claims the United States is handing over to the United States NATO, and that the President doesn't have to go to Congress for this action, but other Presidents we are going to arm the rebels...but not quite yet because, "not enough is known yet about the rebels."  Is this a joke? SNL could not have done better than that line.  
The President, who was going to sit down with Iran, soothe North Korea, and be better than Bush - is just going to arm the rebels, once he figures out who they are.  Right or wrong is not the issue, its that this guy can say and do whatever he wants, he will get votes.
I have a plan - lets send them stinger missils, how could that backfire?  (Interesting note, while I was Google'n "stinger missils" because the spelling just didn't look right...I see that I am not the only one that came up with the idea). 
2)  What is going on with FoxNews - these articles are brutal.  I know I don't spend alot of time poofreeding my blog, but if you are going to speak for the vast-right-wing-conspiracy, spend a little time on it, do some research, ask direct questions to people you are interviewing:
"A senior military official told Fox News that the Pentagon is planning how and with what weapons it might arm Libyan rebel forces, but questions of legality have prevented the administration from springing the plan into action."

Derned legality - getting in the way of what may be a terrible idea.

...while I was out invading people's privacy last night, I heard an interview of PJ Crowly on the radio.  It was OUTSTANDING.  The interviewer didn't appear FOR or AGAINST Crowly's stance, but he pressed him with multiple follow-up questions, refusing to allow Crowly to not answer questions.  Crowly did well too.  It wasn't combative, it was respectful.  It was Stephen Sackur from the BBC - smashing job Stephen, I've never heard him before, and the show is HARDTalk...can we trade for Chris Matthews?

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