Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shhhhhut Up!

Court Clears Delaware Cinema of Racial Bias in Telling Black Patrons to Stay Quiet

A movie theatre manager made an announcement to the movie going audience to silence their cell phones, and remain quiet while the movie played.  Immediately, a patron informed the manager that he did not like the way the manager said it (manager-white, patron-black).  Immediately, the manager apologized to the audience and stated it was standard, as the theater was packed.
A woman in the audience informed the other patrons that indeed the comments were racist, and that she represented an attorney.  She collected contact information from people who felt offended.
She was not an attorney, she did not represent one.  She was the director of the Human Relations Commission for the State of Delaware.  She filed a complaint with her own commission, and the State of Delaware Human Relations Commission had a hearing.
Clearly, if the State of Delaware wants to do this, have at it.  But DOES the State of Delaware want this happening.  Tax Payer funded employees on this commission, are hearing a case where a movie theater manager asked people to be quiet.  We all know you CAN'T shout 'FIRE'! in a crowded movie theatre, but can you tell people to be quiet?
The Human Relations Commission...despite the theater company's testimony that the announcement was standard at packed showings, and two witnesses who stated they were not offended...ruled that it was racist, and ordered the theater to pay almost $80,000 to the black people who attended the movie.
The Supreme Court of Delaware overruled the verdict.
My first take - get rid of this commission, after their budget covers all the expenses of the movie theater, ban the commission members from ever holding public office, or receiving a government paycheck again. 
My second take - the theater needs to fire their lawyer.  How could you lose that?
Blacks and Talking in Movies (I actually found this topic on this post completely entertaining, and non-politically correct.  As several pointed out, if you want to enjoy the movie alone and in quiet, rent it.  If you want to see a good show, and be entertained, go with a predominantly black audience - its interactive).


fckopp said...

Dad and I have not been to a movie theater in YEARS. Don't like people talking while trying to hear the movie (both going deaf) and now we don't like the threat of bed bugs. Now there is something to sue about: bringing home bed bugs. YUCK

fckopp said...

PS love the music here. Very exciting, full of energy, will turn up the volume and dance around the room to it.

LL said...

What if they simply play reggae music LOUD during the movie so we don't have to listen to people talk - and the can simply post subtitles in both English and 'ebonics'? Would that make folks happy? They can't possibly object to Rastafarian tunes can they?

Subtitle examples:

English: Isn't little Sally cute with her braces and pigtails?

Ebonics: Dat Sal be one fine bitch wit a bad grill an dreads!


English: I'm going for a walk with my wife. Is that ok with you?

Ebonics: Yo, ah be goin' fo' uh walk wiff muh motha fuggin nigga ho, otay buh-weet?

I think it's only fair that the alternative language be offered at the same time English is, don't you? Or does it sound racist?