Friday, December 9, 2011

Tactical ManBag...

There you are, on the range, ready to throw lead, kill paper, plink steel.  Do you have eye pro?  Where's your ears?  Extra mags?  How many places are you going to store all this stuff?  Well, that problem has been solved.

Introducing Practical Utility Range Shoulder Equipment by 5.11

  • 1050D Nylon
  • Large main compartment
  • Two side expanding pockets
  • Zippered Back-up-Belt™ System Pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with removable pad
  • Aero-foam padding on back
  • Nametape and flag holders

Just read these amazing reviews:
"I love it, it holds all my items.  If its a hot, dry day out, and my lips get parched and chapped, I can just reach into my satchel, or bag thingy, and there's a small tactical pocket where I keep chapstick.  Non-scented chapstick.  In a velcro pouch, you know, for when I'm shooting and stuff, or punching somebody..." 
- John R.  Mesa, Arizona

"I love my 5.11 thing.  Its black, so it goes with all my tactical clothing, at any time of the year. It has great concealment pouches, if your hiding something.  I mean, like a weapon, or something."
- Frank M.  Kansas City, Missouri

"Its not a purse!"
- Anonymous


LL said...

Yes, it's a purse.

...even if you have a .45 in it.

The only way it wouldn't be a purse was if it was a dedicated camera bag. (that's the only guy-rule exception)

Anonymous said...

It's a Versipak,

awesome and tough as nails

Brandon said...

And why are you anonymous? At least LL was not afraid to publicly admit he carries a purse, er, camera bag.

LL said...

Yes, I carry my camera bag with pride whether with a camera or an H & K MP7 (chambered for 4.6x30 mm) inside it.

However, you won't catch me wearing hot pants, nor would you want that visual - because it would haunt you for the rest of your days.