Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Government to the Rescue….

Atlantic City Casino Closes, Union Helps Members Fill Out Unemployment Papers

"…Just hours after Atlantic Club Casino Hotel shut its doors for the final time, hundreds of former casino employees filled the union's headquarters on Atlantic Avenue.  The local brought together several [government] agencies helping to coordinate unemployment sign-ups and help from the local food bank, among other aid."

"…Atlantic City Electric also was available to talk to employees about assistance programs available to help [others] pay for utilities through the winter.  The union also was prepared to help with language barriers [so they could take the money from non-English speaking dupes]."

Don't get me wrong, I feel for these people who lost their jobs.  Atlantic City has no vision - its not family friendly, and now people can gamble anywhere.  Luckily, their are unions that will make sure you can't get a raise when you deserve one, and you don't have to collect all your paycheck, they will collect some of it for you.  Now that the private sector failed, the union will help the government come in and pay for it.

What's my solution?  Its no picnic.  When Hurricane Sandy (I didn't think it was that super) hit, the casinos in Atlantic City closed for three days.  The press reports were that it was a loss of over $30 million.  Atlantic City is still building and proposing new casinos.  Sure, "management" of this casino did a poor job, they failed, an now the employees pay the price too.  But what has the union brought them? Government assistance in a matter of hours.  How about a job?  I just don't see the benefit of the union.  My solution - give the union dues back to the employees.

And how about the translators.  How successful are these people going to be if they can't speak English?  How about union language classes instead of translators.


LL said...

Las Vegas makes much more money on food, beverage and entertainment than it does on gambling. The demographic changed from the glory days when a billion dollars changed hands every twenty minutes. As a result, Nevada is hurting as a State since it relied on gaming income to fund the operation. Now it's hoping that oil will replace gaming. We'll see.

But I digress.

Unions came to Nevada with the mafia, who thought that it would be a good idea to establish pension funds that they could loot three ways from Sunday. I suspect that the same is true of Atlantic City. Does the union benefit the workers? No, not really. The unions (primarily SEIU) exist to serve themselves and to retain their own power. There's not that much difference in my mind between the representation that casino workers get and the teacher's unions, which have become completely parasitic.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I live near the "Land of Casinos" and the badly managed ones were the first to go.