Monday, October 31, 2011

CHASE this...

I carry three credit cards.  I have one for Internet purchases, one for regular purchases, and one for backup.  I haven't carried a balance from one month to the next since ONE TIME in the 90's when they offered an interest holiday around Christmas.  I pay off the balance every month, and have for the 20+ years I have been using credit cards.

Mr. Helpful
In the eyes of the bank, if anybody were actually looking at individual accounts, I'm only a good customer because I use my cards ALOT.  They don't get any interest from me, they only get the fees they charge the merchants I shop with. 

Congress reduced that fee, the one that banks can charge merchants for each transaction.  Congress said they were fighting the greedy banks, and trying to help the consumer, and the business owner.  The same consumer and business owner who entered into the agreement freely with the banks.

A month ago, I received the "Your Credit Card Statement is Available On-Line" email.  I opened it, and saw that I had a late fee.  I checked my old emails, and could not find an email with my bill for the previous month.  I looked, and it had been just over 30 days since my last payment. 

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this has happened to me before.  Once in 20+ years.  I wanted to call and complain.  In the old days, I would get somebody in Kansas, or some place where they used to hire customer service representatives with no accent...but those days are long gone, and we all know I would have gotten Guptar who would read policy from a manual.  So, I paid the late fee, and rotated my credit cards - not going to use that one again, just in case.

And then today...

I received another "Your Credit Card Statement is Available On-Line" email.  I opened it, and saw that I had a $1.50 "Minimum Interest Charge."  The charge was leveled on 10/20, the end of the billing cycle.  The card had a zero balance at that time, and was paid in full at the end of the previous billing cycle.

I can not figure it out.  I don't want to call and discuss it with Guptar.

I sent an email through their system.

Topic:  Disputed Fee/Charge
Comment:  Why am I charged a $1.50  Minimum Interest Charge on a balance of $0.00?  Please remove the charge, or I will leave you after 20+ years.  Your choice. 

That is where it stands.  I say they cut and paste an automatic response, with something about the time they sent the bill, and the time I paid it, etc. 

What do you think they will do?


Supi said...

Charge you interest on your fee.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I would cancel. Call Guptar and ask to speak to his supervisor. You are usually transferred back to the US.

I had a dispute with the company that's name is on the cut up card in your post. They sent me cards I never received. I called and got a really nasty person on the other end. I closed that account right there on the spot. That is a scary company.

Anonymous said...

That's why I haven't used a credit card in over a year - but now I cannot use my debit card either because they are charging a fee for purchases....I say bring back the paper and forget the plastic...checks and cash!!!

Race Bannon said...

Supi - #@%!

Odie - Agreed. I didn't start banking with them, they bought my bank. I was a member of a Credit Union - I liked it, but it doesn't exist where I live. I opened an account at a local bank - but how local are local banks anyway.

Anonymous - I say your husband gives you a monthly allowance, you seem like you spend a lot!!

jonathan rice said...

I whole heartedly agree with Odie. CANCEL. Go with someone who's actually interested in your money.
- Jonathan Rice

LL said...

Guptar may offer you a discount on your next slurpy purchase.

Other than that, if you want to have a card, I suspect they'll hit you with an annoying fee. However, if you qualify, you may wish to check out USAA because they don't have those fees.

Mrs. K said...

Would you believe 20+ years ago I made a check out for $24.98 to pay a bill for $24.99. The next month I received a bill for, you guessed it, $.01 which I did not send a check for. This happened 3 months in a row and then it was sent to a collection agency. I ranted and raved and gnashed my teeth and refused to pay the @%&!** bill. Tore up the credit card and by now my credit rating is back to normal. Some things are very hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

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