Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Skulers Unite!

from Reuters:

After decades on the margins of political life, homeschoolers have become some of the most valued Republican foot soldiers in Iowa, where a few thousand activists can wield an outsize influence in the first nominating contest in the 2012 presidential election.

Four years ago, homeschoolers helped push Mike Huckabee to a surprise victory in the Iowa caucuses over Mitt Romney's better-funded, better organized campaign.

This time around, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum proudly point out that they homeschooled their own children, while Ron Paul touts himself as a "homeschooling champion" on his campaign Web site. Rick Perry proclaimed an official "homeschool week" as governor of Texas, and Herman Cain joined other candidates at a homeschool conference earlier this year.

I am torn about homeschooling.  Torn between:  'Is homeschooling better because public schools offer a slanted, low value, dumbed down, leftest education,'  or because  'Homeschooling can provide a much better education.'

...and then there's this:

...and this:

Now, I don't have evidence he was homeschooled, I'm just sayin'...(and I know a certain homeschooler who will love watching this video...now get back to work!)

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Josiah said...

You're telling me you wouldn't be equally excited if you were going to be let out of the basement for the first time in years. Cut the darling some slackonum.