Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Ye....

...this is going to be another year where I have 10 to 15 (roughly) great invention ideas that I don't do anything with.  (Hello, Redbox, aka RaceBox)...anyway here was last years winner:

2012 Mayan Calendars...each one abruptly ends on a different day during the year.


LL said...

This idea will only catch on after the world ends as you predict.

Predicting the end of the world every day from this day forward is bound to make you a prophet eventually. Sadly, there won't be any of us to laud your foresight, or to buy your calendars as collector's items.

Thus while it won't make you as rich as Dr. Quest, it has the virtue of putting you in the record books as the person who correctly foretold the end of the world.

Sun Cracked Soul said...

The worse would be seeing Ron Paul running against Barack Obama.
It would be a Lose, Lose situation.
We would lose either way.

Mrs. K said...

MMM Do the Mayan calendar's come in purse size? Do we have to know how to read Mayanize? Could I get one small enough to hide in a geocache?

Brandon said...

Why would it matter if there's nobody around to read the record books?