Friday, January 20, 2012

Paul for President...

Not that one!

This one: 
Sen. Rand Paul

He's the New Paul, with only half the kooky ideas about Washington.  Just kidding, I don't know of anything I disagree with him on.  Everything 15-20% Right likes about Ron Paul, they would like about Rand...but, as far as we can tell, he wouldn't leave us exposed to the threats from around the world.

Sen. Rand Paul Refunds $500,000 of His Budget to U.S. Treasury

"What make’s Paul’s actions so refreshing is that he was able to record the half-million-dollar federal savings while pursuing one of the most energetic (albeit conservative) legislative agendas of any freshman U.S. Senator. Focusing on his promise of fiscal responsibility, the Kentucky Senator offered spending cut amendments to nearly every relevant bill that came across his desk, while still representing his own constituency’s needs — working, for example, to stop the Environmental Protection Agency’s assault on Kentucky’s crucial coal industry.

According to a press release from his Senate office, Senator Paul was one of the only legislators to produce an entire fiscally responsible blueprint for the federal government, “a promise he made while campaigning in 2010. His plan, introduced in the first few weeks of his term, would balance the federal budget in five years.”


Mrs. K said...

And that is precisely why his fellow politicians would not want him in office. They like their jobs and want to keep them. Most of them are there for themselves not for their constituence. Oh I am such a cynic.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I have one disagreement with Rand Paul. He's endorsing his father for President.

LL said...

I'd vote for Rand.

His dad -- uh -- no.