Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just the Facts M'am...

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's reforms on public sector unions...are saving money and public sector union jobs.

"...In Appleton, the collective-bargaining reforms allowed the school district there to save $3 million by bidding for health care on the open market. Previously, the district had been required to purchase health insurance from WEA Trust, which is affiliated with the state’s largest teachers’ union. When the Appleton School District put their health-insurance contract up for bid, WEA Trust magically lowered their rates, saying they would match any competitor’s price — a sign they had been fleecing local taxpayers for years..."

Philadelphia's black Democrat Mayor Michael Nutter took a page out of Bill Cosby's book and called a...well put black families in their place (I hope white families were listening too!)

"...At the end of his talk, he directly addressed today’s teenagers in a volcano of indignation that brought parishioners to their feet. “If you want us to respect you,” he thundered, “take those doggone hoodies down, especially in summer,” “pull your pants up and buy a belt,” “comb your hair,” “learn some manners,” “keep your butt in school,” and “extend your English vocabulary beyond the few curse words that you know...”

During the debate, Mitt Romney brought up what should be brought up and explained on many of these issues - the roll of the Federal Government vs. the roll of the States.  Andrew McCarthy explains it well...better than Mitt.

"...That is the way our system is supposed to work. The federal government has a few discrete areas of national concern to regulate. The rest belong to the states and the people, to regulate or not as they see fit. In a free society, that means decisions on most matters of community life get made by the community that has to live with them — and pay for them. In a pluralistic society, that means we could have 50 different ways of doing things — meaning that if you find yourself in a state that is foolish enough to mandate the purchase of health insurance subsidized by taxes or penalties, you are free to move to some state that isn’t..."

When it comes to the giant green (white) wind turbines - they don't just ruin the scenery, when the wind doesn't blow - they suck.

"...Consider the afternoon of August 2, when electricity demand hit 67,929 megawatts. Although electricity demand and prices were peaking, output from the state’s wind turbines was just 1,500 megawatts, or about 15 percent of their total nameplate capacity. Put another way, wind energy was able to provide only about 2.2 percent of the total power demand even though the installed capacity of Texas’s wind turbines theoretically equals nearly 15 percent of peak demand. This was no anomaly. On four days in August 2010, when electricity demand set records, wind energy was able to contribute just 1, 2, 1, and 1 percent, respectively, of total demand..."

Having not paid attention to the riots in England for the first few days, I came home and asked the Mrs. if she knew what it was all about? Victor Davis Hanson explains exactly what we thought - its a bunch of punks that need to be kicked in the teeth (well that's what I took out of his piece).

"...A final note: Furor often arises not over draconian cuts to entitlements per se, but over suggested cuts to the expansion of subsidies, and the most aggrieved at such cutbacks are not always just the recipients but also the worried state stewards who administer and are invested in the system of state support."


Josiah said...

To summarize McCarthy, we are both supposed to be and are supposedly, the United States. Plural.

Mrs. K said...

I fully agree with Mayor Nutter, however, where are the parents of these kids with pants half way down their butts showing their boxer shorts (I guess we should be happy they are wearing boxers and not thongs)? Children learn by example...manners and respect come from the home environment.

Now I would like to slightly disagree with Mr Hanson...kicking in the teeth is too high and on the wrong side...try a little ass kicking.