Saturday, August 27, 2011

Okay, serious now...

The east coast is absolutely preparred.  Politicians have been way out in front of this...but like Katrina, I know there are many in the inner cities who just don't get it.  They live in public housing, recieve welfare credit cards, government job training for jobs they never apply for...and they are incapable of surviving on their own. 

But enough about them, if the storm is bad, you will hear and see them on the news...

The Bannon's, however, are ready:

With no time to catch our breath after the "oh-eleven" earthquake, we are at battle stations.

 - We brought in the lawn furnature (never again!)
 - The windchimes (even the big one, thanks Mom and Dad and Sis) are in
 - The vehicles are full of gas
 - Plenty of food, and plenty of propane if gas gets cut off
 - All water containers are full, freezers full of ice
 - Tubs are full of water
 - Candles at the ready, batteries for flashlights
 - Plenty of first aid kits
 - Sat phone (benefits of the job)
 - Mag's loaded and plenty of ammo, 'case the Zombies get any ideas

Having Boyscouts and a Civil Air Patrol Ranger helps. 

The one thing I didn't do - buy a generator.  It was on my list, but at the bottom. 

The power back here on the east coast seems to go out every storm.  So we may grab our go bags, and head to a hotel with a pool and continental breakfast for a mini-vacation...haven't decided yet.  We're watching to see how much it degrades over NC and VA...


nicole said...

Way to be prepared and don't forget your Scentsy room spray if you head to the hotel.

Patti said...

YAY NICOLE!!!! If Mrs. Bannon has anything to do with it, he won't!

HAHAHA love the profile change. Just don't step on your foreman.

See, if you lived in Oregon, all you'd need to worry about is tsunamis. Oh and Kitzhaber.

Man, with all that money we taxpayers are paying you to protect our nation, the least you could do is invest in some nice lawn furniture. Or a hotel.

guess who brushed up on her html skills today?

LL said...

You can still BBQ in a storm on propane. Just close he lid while the deluge is blasting. Of course you'll have to eat the steak inside. Ah, the price one must pay for a rain squall.

LL said...

Oh, and P. S.

The only problem with a Sat Phone is that when the East Coast is wiped out, the only people you'll be able to call is us folks on the West Coast. And back to the previous post, you'll have to let the phone ring because we'll be burning steaks and lounging poolside...waiting for the next big quake or forest fire.

Mrs. K said...

The reason we are not moving to OR is they believe in euthanasia. Dad and I are too close to the qualifications. :~)

Wish we could be in NJ for all the excitement.