Thursday, August 11, 2011

Really? REALLY?

Tonight is the GOP debate ahead of the straw poll in Iowa. 

...but I really thought we would have SOMEBODY by now that I thought could (easily) challenge bin...the President.  Somebody with a good record of leadership, somebody that would motivate conservatives AND win over middle-of-the-roaders.

...that being said, hats off to Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Allen West for saying 'not yet, let me finish what I'm doing that made you want me to run,' and to Paul Ryan for saying, 'I can do alot for America where I am.'

All the talk about Rick Perry does not excite me. I like his conservative credentials, but can he win the middle...outside of Texas? Like alot of good conservatives - he was a Democrat until 1989 - that is a plus in my book. However, he seems too Romney-politician-like to me?

Mitt Perry

Rick Romney

So...I would vote for Michelle Bachmann.  I don't want her to be President.  Maybe down the road.  I do think she speaks for me.  There will be questions about her personal activities on social issues, and I hope she does well to address them quickly, stand up for herself, and explain that she was not elected on those issues, and she is not running on those issues.

I did hear that Sarah Palin will be showing up ahead of the straw poll, and that she has 'extensive' fundraising going on in Iowa under the national radar.  I like Sarah Palin, alot, I hope she doesn't run.

Its not just the constant and overt battle with the media that makes me not want either of these great women running, its that I don't think they inspire the middle.  Ronald Reagan (I know, I know, we can't compare everybody to Reagan) polarized the far left - but he owned the middle.  That is what the country needs. 

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innominatus said...

If Romney's hair collided with Perry's hair, there would be a very bright flash and some new subatomic particles would be discovered.

I guess I'm reluctantly in the Perry camp right now. Hopefully he says/does some things to get me revved up. 'Cuz so far all the candidates have either been too controversial or pretty much *yawn*...