Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labor Day...

What is Labor Day all about?

Republicans Barred From Labor Day Parade as Wisconsin Union Fight Simmers

Option A)

Option B)

Option C)

ANSWER:   C, take your socialist parades and shove it!


Mrs. Bannon said...

New Jersey Stinks!!!

Mrs. Bannon said...

I am a teacher - I respect the job of teacher - but the New Jersey Teacher's Union makes me strongly dislike the teachers here - makes me sad...

LL said...

'The Workers' have always been exploited. That's why unions were formed - and then those very unions became the worst exploiters. The Socialists, the Mafia controlled some of the pension funds and the Democratic Party statists co-opted 'The Workers' to meet their own ends. Today it seems to me that most unions exist to 'wag the dog' rather than the other way around.

However, because Labor Day is coming (the day we honor unions, not really the people they are supposed to serve), instead of burning food on the BBQ, I think that we need to march for Obama and his union cronies. Maybe wear purple SEIU shirts as a symbol of support? We can join together and sing The Internationale** (L'Internationale in French), a famous socialist, communist, labor union song. It is sung traditionally with the hand raised in a clenched fist salute.

Because after Labor Day, we have 9/11, the day we remember community activists and their service - right? Isn't that what it has become under this Administration? They're trying to spin it so that the day isn't about our continuing war with fundamentalist Islam.

**The Internationale became the anthem of international socialism, and gained particular fame under the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1944, when it was that communist state's de facto central anthem.

Mrs. K said...

Oh phooey, I had guessed Option B. ;-}

I never attended a backyard BBQ in a dress. Guess I am not as old as I think. ;-}