Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three In a Row...

In November 2010, Wisconsin elected Republican Governor Scott Walker, and gave the Republicans a majority in the State Senate to go along with a majority in the State House.  Walker campaigned on strong conservative principals, and immediately started delivering.


...yadda, yadda, yadda...and opened the countries eyes to what has happened to unions in this country, by highlighting problems they have caused in Wisconsin.  First, it was mandatory - a part of a government employees paycheck automatically went to the union. lets just stay with that one - what country is this?

The people of Wisconsin voted.  Walker and the legislature began to act, by not only changing the law that says taxpayer funded government workers don't HAVE to join the union, but changing the law that says the fact that you don't have to join the union - can't be re-negotiated by...the union

So what did the Democrats in the minority do? They fled the state. 

When we saw the protesters in the Wisconsin capitol building earlier this year:

Did the 24-7 main-stream-media coverage ever ask them, "Which party are you in?"  No. They were portrayed as 'teachers', 'firefighters', 'carpenters' and other hard working union members.  Most were student activists from the University of Wisconsin, but there were alot of teachers there.

Not all teachers are bad (note the generation this teacher appears to come from)

The law is the law, and it didn't matter that the Dems fled. 

Then, earlier this spring, Wisconsin's Supreme Court Justice David Prosser was up for re-election (the idea of Judges campaigning does not sit right with me).  Officially these are 'non-partisan' seats, but what a joke.  AGAIN, the Right leaning justice was re-elected.  The Dems, when they thought they were winning, said this election was a referendum on Walker's conservative agenda.  Walker publicly agreed. 


...blah, blah, blah - yesterday, six Republican State Senators had to campaign again, for a RECALL ELECTION.  That they were elected was not enough - that their counterparts FLED THE STATE was not enough.  The Unions pumped tens of millions of dollars into the recall...

...2 out 6 Republicans lost, which leaves the Senate in the hands of the Republicans.  (Word is that one of those will switch back after district boundaries change).


...and next week, 2 Democrats face recall.

My hope - that the 2 Democrats lose (even though I am against the recall), just to prove a point to the unions.  If that happens, it will be FOUR IN A ROW, for Conservative Ideas and FREEDOM Vs. Union Crap.

Comment of note:

 “I think this is one of those defining moments in Wisconsin’s history and our nation’s history” - Gov. Scott Walker

He has not complained about the unfairness, he has said at each step that the outcome will decide if the voters really wanted what they voted for.

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LL said...

It reminds me of California's continued measures that come to a vote over homosexuals right to marry. In each case it's been voted down. In each case liberals (mostly Bay-Area homosexual judges) strike down the initiatives as 'unconstitutional'. If the people had voted the way that the liberals wanted, it wouldn't have been 'unconstitutional' and they would have cheered that 'justice was done'.

California has had three statewide referendums on the definition of marriage. Each time the vote was that marriage meant one man and one women. Each time the homosexual movement has screamed that it wasn't the way that they wanted the vote to go. The last time they rioted in several cities, burned cars, attacked churches (because even in California there are those deluded people who attend church), etc.

Obama whined on the television the other day that he's having a hard time getting anything passed 'in a democracy' -- blaming the Tea Party for messing things up by their demands that government put spending in line with income. It really irritates liberals when people vote in a way that doesn't get them what they want.