Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things French and Good...

Did you ever think something could be both?

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money”

-Alexis de Tocqueville

"When the government violates the people's rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties."
- Marquis de Lafayette



Mrs. Bannon said...

Race is forgetting the very, very, very good French thing that came into his life 20+ years ago ;)

Chuck D'Gall said...

French Fries?
French Dressing?



LL said...

I've been to France many times and have worked with the French military & their intelligence service and have spoken at Interpol in Lyon a number of times and I always got on well with the French.

Does that mean that I'm a jerk? (reality check)

And I like French women. Does that mean that I have good taste in women?

Patti said...

LL~ oui. and non.
mais vos lunettes de soleil sont à la mode.

Mrs. K said...

Holy French fries, I didn't know Mrs. Rice could speak French. That women is a marvel. All I know in French is "wee wee" or is it spelled oui oui?

Isn't the Leanen tower of Pizza in France? ;-)

LL said...

Patti, I feel as though I just had my ears boxed.

LL said...

Les femmes françaises à comprendre les besoins des hommes. Je ne sais pas si c'est parce qu'ils sont intuitifs ou parce qu'ils sont simplement français.

But I don't get the sunglasses thing...when Oakleys are available in the US.

amanofwonder said...

Okay if ya are gunna put it that way I guess them Frenchies ain't so bad.

They brung us fries (I like mustard on mine), one grand ole lady standing tall in New York City waters, they hated the Brits enuff to help us set ourselves free and Champagne cuz it sur goes gud with fries.

But Imma thinkin' I don't speak the deep fried language of this comment thread.