Friday, August 12, 2011

What They're Up Against...

(Republican Presidential hopefulls that is...)

I'm sure he will be their Man of the Year in 2012

How can you not vote for that?

Didn't George W. Bush get this cover too?

"Era"?  "ERA?"

Does this look like a 'Hussein' to you?

My Ebony subscription ran out before this one came...

We are all Barack Obama.

Forget Luke Skywalker, we have this guy!

It doesn't even have to be real, they will print it!

98.9% of subscribers will vote for him...which is .000098% of the population.

Chris Christie won't be getting this cover.

There's a Men's Vogue?


Mrs. K said...

GROSS, GROSS, GROSS YOU JUST RUINED MY DAY. You put me in a black mood. Can you believe he had a dinner for all his Musie friends and would not support a World Day of Prayer? I stil say he is the anti-christ. He is dumb like a fox....he is ruining the USA from within and pretending he is trying to work out our problems. BS and I don't mean a college degree.

LL said...

His face sours my stomach.

Patti said...

I'm not impressed. Where's the Better Homes and Garden spread?
Oh wait...

it's probably in the works.