Friday, June 4, 2010

In Oregon...

I have told several law enforcement people that I have considered moving to, or retiring in Oregon. I always get the same thing, "It's not a cop friendly place."

I don't get it.

Oregon Police Officer Asked to Leave Vegan Coffee Shop

In Ohio...

I am blown away by events in the Mediterranean. After what happened, NOW THIS, one side is definitely trying to stir something up. I wouldn't be surprised if Hamas was using these idiots as a distraction. If you paid attention to Netanyahu's comments, he flat out said, "The world cannot afford to let Iran have a port on the Mediterranean." He didn't mess around with claiming Hamas and Hesbollah were supported by, or acting for, Iran. They are Iran.

But we all still have to go to work, even in Ohio.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is It Me...

...I don't have alot of time, so again, no editing, etc... and I think that 3 people read this, but...

READ THIS for all you need to know about what's happening with Israel. It's amazing what is happening, and the weakness of the press.

I was almost impressed last night when Gretta Van Susteren was interviewing an American that was on one of the "humanitarian aid" ships. She kept asking him, "did you let the Israelis search the ship for weapons?" He kept answering, "The ship didn't have weapons, I know that." The follow up question should have been, "Then why not let them search?" or "But Israel didn't know that, and people in Gaza try to kill Israelis every day." You could tell this moron just hated Israel - he would set up straw-man arguments like, "They (the organizers) said they wanted to be confronted because than Israel could show themselves as 'mean,' and I said, 'why would they want to do that?'" Seriously.

In Arizona, you have a law, that mirrors existing Federal Law, and law in other states. It IS different, it REQUIRES law enforcement officers and departments to enforce it. But what does the left say - its racist. Lefty towns want to boycott Arizona. So, they are in favor of doing nothing about illegal immigration. THAT SHOULD BE THE STORY. But its not. The previous Governor of Arizona claimed, while running for Governor, that she was staunchly in favor of border security, and taking care of illegal aliens, HOWEVER, she said, its a Federal Government problem. Now that she is the Federal Government - whoops.

Yesterday, at a protest march in Phoenix, Mayor Phil "me in" Gordon said the same thing (he is lame, and a few years behind on the left's lie) and said the Federal Government needs to take care of this, the city doesn't have the money. Clearly the follow question should be - "if the Federal Government pays, will you be in favor of the law?" Sheriff Joe Arpaio was then interviewed at a rally in favor of the law. He said he would enforce it, and put the people in jail, because he didn't trust the Federal Government to take the prisoners. (OBTW - he worked for the Federal Government for 26 years).