Thursday, February 21, 2013


A former FBI agent from Alexandria was sentenced Tuesday to four years of probation for his part in acquiring confidential information while an agent and passing it along to a friend, prosecutors said.
Ivan Stantchev, 43, was sentenced on a misdemeanor in federal court in Newark, N.J. He had previously pleaded guilty to causing another to exceed authorized access to an FBI computer when he contacted a colleague at the FBI to help him get information for his friend, prosecutors said.
The information the friend ultimately received — and then passed along to others in New Jersey, prosecutors say-- included the existence of an ongoing FBI investigation in Newark, and the existence of an undercover “law enforcement” operation in the city, the name of the FBI’s operation and the federal offenses being investigated.

The friend had asked Stantchev to check four telephone numbers and find out about the people linked to them, according to federal court records.
Stantchev contacted an FBI colleague in the New York area in June 2011 with the phone numbers and, by the end of the month, got back an e-mail from the colleague through the FBI system with information that Stantchev then gave to his friend, court filings show.
Barbara Woodruff, an FBI spokeswoman in Newark, has previously said the breach did not compromise any investigation. Woodruff has said Stantchev joined the FBI in 2005 and had worked most recently in Newark after assignments at FBI headquarters and in New York.
David Laufman of the District, Stantchev’s attorney, said at the time of the guilty plea that the information his client relayed “was in no way classified and did not involve national security.”

So...this person was hired by the FBI, took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies... and was discovered to have revealed the presence of an FBI investigation to the target of the investigation, which revealed the identities of Undercover Agents.   
What about the FBI Special Agents and the United States Attorney who investigated the dirty Special Agent - did they take an oath?  Did they investigate if he did anything else?  Did they look to see how ?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Big Fat Rant...

I was reading a blog where a helpy-helperton was giving advice...while trying to be nice (and she was).    I started to leave a comment, and realized anybody who reads my comment there will not want to hear facts, they will just think I'm mean.

Why are people overweight.?  Why are 66% of Americans overweight?  Why are our "poor" overweight?  Why are our elderly overweight?  Why are close to 33% of Americans "obese?"

Its not because they each gave birth to 10 babies, and its not genetics.

* * * get ready * * *

Its because they eat too much food.

So return the diet books, send back the DVDs, stop paying money to go to the gym, and stop blaming the babies! (You can blame them for so much more, like 1) Why you can't go to the movies anymore, 2) Why you can't eat at nice restaurants, 3) Why you don't get a full nights sleep, 4) Why you can't go on fancy vacations...)

Food in America is plentiful, inexpensive, and everywhere (they didn't always sell it in gas stations and pharmacies you know).  And - most of it is not even food! Its made in a factory, and made to look like food, but read the ingredients, if you can't pronounce it - DON'T EAT IT!

But Race, my grocery bill is huge, and a gallon of milk is $4!  Yes, but that's because you buy too much food, and drink too much milk.  And in our whacked society, to buy 'fresh' food without packaging, without all the sugar and additives...costs more.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be overweight - that is your choice.  I'm saying you shouldn't wonder why.

Schatzi...may she rest in peace...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Best Super Bowl Add...

...were you really paying attention?


Friday, February 1, 2013