Thursday, June 6, 2013

Unmanned Rifles...

Having spent a lot of time recently with a Glock - I have been thinking about triggers (I dislike Glock triggers, but we're working it out).  I was thinking, just like those nasty wax rings we still use when installing toilets - haven't we evolved away from triggers?  Shooting accuracy all comes down to establishing a stable shooting platform (even if that platform is moving) and a good trigger press.

I was also watching videos regarding unmanned arial vehicles....drones.  Isn't it funny how the technology is what's in question.  As if launching manned planes into foreign countries without their permission and killing their citizens...and some of ours...would be acceptable.  Just don't use a remote control to do it!  I'm not talking about my position regarding the recent media reports - I'm just fascinated that the indignation seems to be that it 'seems like a video game.'  Rand Paul has said he is 100% in favor of the use of drones by the US Military...he's just against the US Government killing US Citizens.

In watching the video above - you can see that the future is here.  You don't need a trigger (that can be jerked) and you don't need the delivery system to be shaped like conventional rifle.  The technology shown in the video, mounted to a rifle, suffers the same range the rifle.  That is only because the mounted to the rifle.

Among the implications is the fact that anybody can become a long range sniper...and fire a shot from their iPod...from an unmanned rifle.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The War Against Taxpayers...

2013 Estimates:

FBI Budget.....................$8.7 Billion    (36,000 employees)
DEA Budget...................$2.9 Billion    (10,700 employees)
ATF Budget....................$1.1 Billion    (5,100 employees)
Secret Service..................$1.6 Billion    (6,700 employees)

IRS Budget.....................$12 billion    (106,000 employees)

I'm just sayin'...

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Lefties and bureaucrats never seem to get it - that tax dollars come from tax payers.  In their mindset, they believe that they have a budget based on their needs and wants - and any reduction in taxes collected has to be "paid for."  Case in point:

So, to summarize, Property Taxes were increased at a time when Property Values decreased.  Only a small percentage of homeowners appealed their Property Taxes - resulting in a $98,000,000 reduction over three years.  (Hint, when anybody took the time to do the math - almost every property was found to be overvalued and overtaxed - how about an article on that little gem).

What did the municipality do to cover the 'shortfall.'  They raised taxes.  Read the last sentence - "...that difference translates to about $52 on the municipal portion of the property-tax bill."  The irony is lost on the writer.  What is the average savings of a Property Tax Appeal?  On a $208,002 property?  Likely around $100.  So, to balance that out, increase the tax rate.

Property Taxes were appealed.  Taxpayers won.  Property Taxes were reduced.  So the government raised Property Taxes.

[Don't worry, the Town Administrator has been doing this for 36 years...]