Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 28, 1986...

...I remember hearing the announcement, and I snuck home to watch the coverage on TV. 

I remember watching some of the first Space Shuttle launches when I was in grade school - our teacher said that the astronauts were chosen from the best of the best.  I said I wanted to be an astronaut...but I did not want to fly on that ship. 

  How brave you must have to be, to strap yourself into that seat.

Walk Like and Egyptian...

When the news of the Tunisian revolution hit, the only thing I could think was...'wait, where's Tunisia?'  I thought it was near Libya, but truthfully, I thought it may be near the Horn of Africa.  The horn is a mess, and I'm not as worried about the pirates and the lawlessness, as I am the haven it provides to whatever evil wants to hide there (see Sudan mid-90's).

But I looked at a map.  Tunisia is not near the horn.  It is next to Libya, on the opposite side of Egypt (see current map of the world).


When the protests in Iran were going on, I knew immediately that while not knowing what the end result would be...anything is better than what passes for a regime in Iran.  I also knew that I was thoroughly ashamed of the response of the leftists in our own government.


Tunisia...Egypt...Now the news of Egypt.  If you talk to Egyptians living in America, Christian Egyptians, there is a reason they live in America

I stayed up last night and listened to Obama, Gibbs, and Hillary.  I think they might have hit the Reset Button.  Gibbs is a goof, a person like that should not be speaking for the President of the United States in public.  But I was actually impressed with what I heard from Obama and the horse's mouth itself. 

The danger in Egypt is that we have accepted Mubarak (accepted = 1,000 million dollars a year in foreign aid***) too long.  It is not our job to replace Mubarak, or Musharraf, or Assad, etc., etc., and it is a diplomatic dance dealing with these despots...but our position should be clear.  When revolution occurs, we have to be on the side of freedom. 

It will be interesting to see what happens in Egypt.  Stanley Kurts has written alot on Egypt and the consequences of our actions.

I think of it like Super Bowl XLV - while I know the Steelers are evil, I can't bring myself to fully support the Packers.  If the Steelers win, we know it will be more of the same, and none of that is good.  If the Packers win, it could open the door to a whole new evil... 

***And once again, what has our billions of dollars bought us?***

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Need a Change...

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today. He was reacting to the nonsense comparisons of Obama to Reagan...

...there is no comparison.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Clear as Mud...

Every time I hear about budget

"We want to go back to 2008 spending levels..."

"We want to freeze raises for Federal Employees for two years..."

I think, okay - that's a start.  Where's the beef?  The big mention lately has been the $100 billion:

House GOP Proposes Deep Budget Cuts
"According to Democratic estimates, cuts of that magnitude - if applied across the board - would require the Justice Department to fire 4,000 FBI agents and 1,500 agents at the Drug Enforcement Administration. The federal prison system would have to fire 5,700 correctional officers..."

Really? Cutting that much of the budget would force America to cut the number of FBI Agents by 1/3? Those cuts sound serious!

Or are they...

When are they going to get serious?  When are they going to cut failed efforts like federal spending on education, agriculture subsidies, etc., etc., etc, that have billion dollar budgets...and don't provide the benefits they were intended for?

Hopefully, 2010 was a wakeup call.  If they hit the snooze, we have to do it again in 2012 - and I'm not just talking about Obama and the Dems...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


...breaking news Headline: 
GOP Puts UN Reform Back in the Cross-Hairs

Once again, the United Nations is the target of congressional Republicans, and the calls from its critics are all too familiar: wasting U.S. taxpayer dollars, institutionalized corruption and snubbing human rights issues for dictatorships and autocracy
I think Fox just fired a shot across CNN's bow...

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Carrot or the Stick...

Big Brother is Watching You Recycle

...Cleveland wants its people recycling.  Cleveland - the nations fastest shrinking city, a city that still uses people to load garbage trucks (Did you know....that Scottsdale, Az, is the home of Godzilla - the worlds first automated garbage truck) thinks it has come up with a way to get people to recycle.

What incentive are they going to use?

If you recycle properly, you will not get fined.

"...Citing the British model, Cleveland, Ohio, is taking a giant step toward a similar scheme of compulsory recycling. In 2011 some 25,000 households will be required to use recycling bins fitted with radio-frequency identification tags (RFIDs)—tiny computer chips that can remotely provide information such as the weight of the bin’s contents and that allow passing garbage trucks to verify their presence. If a household does not put its recycle bin out on the curb, an inspector could check its garbage for improperly discarded recyclables and fine the scofflaws $100. Moreover, if a bin is put out in a tardy manner or left out too long, the household could be fined. Cleveland plans to implement the system citywide within six years.."

"...Cash-starved local governments will be watching to see if an American city as big as Cleveland can use RFID bins to increase revenues. The revenues would flow from three basic sources: a trash-collection fee that could be increased...; the imposition of fines; and the profit, if any, from selling recyclables..."

“...The Division of Waste Collection is on track to meet its goal of issuing 4,000 citations this year.” In short the goal is revenue enhancement not perfect compliance..."

Some people just don't get it...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Christiana Korbe, 42, was a drug dealer.  When the FBI raided her house, she fired a pistol from a second floor balcony.  She hit Special Agent Sam Hicks in the neck, and he died.  She claimed she was protecting her family, and did not know it was the FBI. 

Odds are, she was protecting her family from what she thought was a drug rip.  She thought other drug dealers were coming to steal her drugs.  (Her husband knew it was the FBI, her husband ran to the basement and was flushing cocaine down the toilet).

She was sentenced today, as part of a plea agreement, to 190 months.  Less than 16 years.  Sam's son will be about 20 years old when his father's killer is released from prison.

Her husband, who did the actual work of dealing the 25 years.

At sentencing, Korbe blamed the FBI.

To me, these terms are unacceptable.

Friday, January 14, 2011

He said what...?

...when Congress gets back to work, they are going to decide whether or not to raise the debt ceiling (the amount of money we are allowed to borrow).

Obama said "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. Leadership means that 'the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit."

Harry Reid gave a similar speech: "If my Republican friends believe that increasing our debt by almost $800 billion today and more than $3 trillion over the last five years is the right thing to do, they should be upfront about it. They should explain why they think more debt is good for the economy. . . . Democrats won't be making arguments to support this legislation, which will weaken our country."

Make any sense to you?  Aren't these the guys who need to borrow all that money to pay for all there government?  Oh...that is because these statements were made in 2006, when the Republicans controlled the House...the Senate...and the Oval Office.

I don't always agree with Arthur Laffer, (see Bill Clinton as President 1992-2000) but he does write clearly on this matter.

"...But there is no reason why House Republicans shouldn't seek and get major concessions from the Democrats in exchange for raising the debt ceiling..."

"...Who among the 21 Democrats and two independents whose terms are up in 2012 would vote against raising the debt ceiling, especially if the legislation also removed the least-popular features of other bills?..."

"...Government spending is taxation, pure and simple. That taxation reduces output, employment and production. It's basic Econ 101. If, instead of using government spending for productive purposes, Congress uses it on bailouts for failing banks and unprofitable businesses, cash for clunkers, housing subsidies and unemployment, it's a double-whammy for the economy. You can't raise taxes on people who work, increase what you pay people not to work, and then expect more people to work..."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

From NRO... doubt several million in grants (tax payer money) will be spent to find out why flocks of birds die for no "apparent" reason.

Funny, I don't recall my parents ever teaching me to treat all firearms as if they are loaded.  I don't remember my parents telling me to only point a firearm at something I am willing to kill or destroy. 

...but I guess it just came along with the rest of the good stuff they said...that, and watching alot of violent '70s TV. Any kid alive during the '70s knows that a powerful handgun can "blow your head clean off." 

Parents can't stop mental illness.  But they do have some responsibility for a 22-year-old, who never left their home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

File Another One...

...under "They Just Don't Get It."

I don't live in Illinois (in fact, I'm not so sure its not 'Illinoise'), but I do know some farmers in southern Illinois.  I'm sure this makes sense to them?

* Illinois faces a budget deficit that could hit $15 billion this year
   (That means they will spend $15 billion more than they have)

* The Illinois State Legislature voted to begin to fix the problem - they raised personal income tax from 3% to 5%
   ('Sorry folks, our pay')

* They also voted to limit spending growth to 2%
   (Not to cut spending, but to limit its growth...OBTW - Social Security benefits to retirees (and others receiving benefits) were NOT increased in 2010 because there was no increase in the Consumer Price Index (which is the 'cost of things' or 'inflation') - so why do you have to increase spending?)

The Associated Press reported:

"...Democrats bristled at the idea that they are to blame for the state's financial problems, although they've controlled the governor's office and both legislative chambers since 2003."

Democrats have controlled for 8 years...but the budget deficit is not their fault.

"...The proposal passed the House on Tuesday night by a vote of 60-57, the bare minimum. No Republicans backed the measure there or in the Senate, where the measure passed 30-29..."

Not a single Republican voted for this.

"...The governor has refused to discuss the tax proposal publicly, although his aides say he supports it. During his election campaign, Quinn promised to veto any tax plan that was higher than his proposal for a 1-point increase..."

The Governor refused to comment on his failure to live up to his campaign PROMISE to veto this.

"This is the nuclear bomb of jobs bills," said Sen. Dan Duffy, R-Lake Barrington.

Clearly, this vitriol will lead North Korea or Iran to drop the bomb, hasn't Duffy been paying attention to anything?

...too many government entities overspend because of their ability to borrow money in the form of bonds, steal money in the form of taxes - and bank on the fact that the economy will turn around and all of this will be moot.  However - with the housing, financial, etc. situation - the economy is having trouble turning around, and their mid-range projections aren't going to work. 

We heard it during the 2010 campaign - What would happen to you if you ran your personal business like this?  Bankrupcy.  What would happen to you if you ran your business like this?  Criminal Charges (lying to creditors/auditors)  What would happen to you if you ran a government like this?  Re-election.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Ready...

...while watching the coverage of the shooting in AZ, and hearing the slant several on the left (see Pima County Bufoon Sheriff) were taking, I made the offhand comment that soon people would try to outlaw the words "target", "bullseye," or "sights," and that they would justify their efforts by saying, "..only when used in context with an elected official."

Well here we go:  Brady Wants 'Target' Websites Banned

"This is not a knee jerk reaction, Brady said. "This legislation makes it illegal to place crosshairs on a Congressman's district."

Dear Mr. Brady,
Please look up 'knee jerk reaction' in dictionary.
Common Sense

Because of people like Brady, there were certain areas of Pennsylvania where it was against the law to curse...until the ACLU stepped in.  NEVER thought I would be on their side! case you forgot, the movie Death of a President, which came out in 2006 and was about the assassination of President George W. Bush, was reviewed by all the major newspapers including The New York Times.  There was no proposed legislation, not even an outcry for the need for 'civility.'

Again, the left does not let 'facts' and 'reality' get in their way...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

...I hope you didn't just eat.

Within hours of the mass shooting in Tucson, the clueless Pima County Sheriff blames talk radio.

...let me translate the Sheriff for you:

"I don't like political free speech when it contradicts what I believe.  I'm going to take this moment when the state, and the nation are focused on me, and let my emotions steer the conversation - and jeopardize the investigation..."

Soon after, CNN had 'national political correspondents' on with Wolf Blitzer citing Sarah Palin's 'targets' (she's not smart, but she designs her own web-graphics?).  Wolf did ask, "...but is there any evidence suggesting motive on the part of the shooter?" (paraphrased), and the answer was a clear "No!"

...this is the bias, the slant, in the mainstream media that the left does not see, does not hear, and does not believe exists. is quite possible that while I was watching wall-to-wall coverage Fox, there was unbalanced coverage of the Congresswoman's status as a "blue dog democrat."  But that is what she is? 

I thought it odd that the FBI's involvement at this stage (people still being worked on in the E.R.) would be made public.  I thought it widely inappropriate for the Director of the FBI to be dispatched to Arizona.  Let the cops do the investigation, let the Special Agents do their job. The Federal Government has a role here, a Federal Judge was killed and a United States Congresswomen was shot.  However, we should recognize that with FULL-TIME cable news coverage - it should be reinforced that this is (at the time) a matter for the local police, and the President is not going to ride in on a magical unicorn and save us.

I was relieved to see the FBI's Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Division ("Sack" as the clueless Sheriff stated, after he said on mic, "What's your name?") Nate Gray take the mic and state, "We are here, and we are not commenting..."  (I paraphrased).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

He Just Doesn't Get It...

...he doesn't get the Tea Party - its origins, its causes, anything.  I'm willing to bet, deep down - he doesn't get the reason for the original Tea Party. 

Reid: Tea Party Will Disappear Once Economy Improves

Let me translate:  "Once more people have jobs, and housing prices rise - nobody will care how much money we take and spend, and we will continue to grow the government..." to a point where it doesn't matter who is in charge of it.

Unfortunately, he may be right. Until the Republican Party gets its act together, and puts up a better candidate than Sharron Angle...people like Reid will continue to separate America into two classes, those who work, create, and stand on their own - and those who don't even know it is possible.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


...some JUSTICE!!! (That's capitalized, AND three exclamation points)

Ever since coming back east, I have been warning law enforcement about the ravages of meth. Every once in a while I get a call from some cop who comes across it for the first time. They ask, "How much does meth go for, how much does an ounce of meth cost?" I always say something like, "Wow, an ounce - that would cost like a 63" flat screen TV, or a high-end mountain bike. Most people never see an ounce, all at once. And really, I don't think it gets measured, its not like coke or heroin. But a dime bag would cost about a car stereo, or a cell phone."

Police Seize More Than $50 In Wire From Nation's Wealthiest Crystal Meth Dealer

For a truly sad story CLICK HERE ***Warning MATH content***