Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 28, 1986...

...I remember hearing the announcement, and I snuck home to watch the coverage on TV. 

I remember watching some of the first Space Shuttle launches when I was in grade school - our teacher said that the astronauts were chosen from the best of the best.  I said I wanted to be an astronaut...but I did not want to fly on that ship. 

  How brave you must have to be, to strap yourself into that seat.


LL said...

Many of the crew survived to impact in the ocean.

However tragic the loss and however sad the circumstances of failed seals that should have been caught by Morton Thyacol, exploration costs lives - and so does freedom.

A lot of blood has been shed for the sake of exploration and brave men and women still exist who will step up and say, "Send ME!" irrespective of the danger. Maybe it's what Yeates termed, "A lonely Impulse of delight."

A ship at harbor is safe but that is not what ships were built to do. I think that the crew of the Challenger would say that if they could speak to their circumstances at this late date.

But yes, I remember where I was when I heard the news.

Mrs. K said...

I remember where I work at Intel. One of our coworkers came to tell us about the tragedy and I told him he was not funny. He was always clowning around so none of us believed him at first. How unhappy we were to realize this time he was not playing one of his practical jokes.

Race said...

...look at that, a video of the President of the United States - copyrighted. EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED with Reagan speaking on that day was bought and paid for by the tax dollars of the citizens of the United States. I own that video!