Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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FoxNews.com Headline: 
GOP Puts UN Reform Back in the Cross-Hairs

Once again, the United Nations is the target of congressional Republicans, and the calls from its critics are all too familiar: wasting U.S. taxpayer dollars, institutionalized corruption and snubbing human rights issues for dictatorships and autocracy

I think Fox just fired a shot across CNN's bow...


Patti said...

hmmmm, sounds like another organization I know.
doesn't FOX know that God works all things together for the good?
...but maybe I'm just a dreamer.

innominatus said...

I can't express my thoughts of the UN without using filthy language so I'll abstain.

But I do give thumbs-up to Fox's disregard for all this "civility" nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Is the purpose of the UN really to: "bolster U.S. interests abroad...allow our nation to share the burden of promoting international peace and stability.”
I am sure that all the taxpayer money finding it's way into the pockets of the people in the UN is what "bolsters" interest. Allow? Share? Funny, having money in most life situations seems to dictate power. How is it that having money in the UN seems to dictate - for lack of a better word - slavery? This article should probably read "to bolster UN interests abroad...America allows the UN to share the burden of promoting international peace and stability."

LL said...

I'd like to see the UN moved somewhere else.

Take the spies, the burden for the expense of the worthless programs, etc. and export it to Libya, Haiti, North Korea or some other 'haven' that members of the UN seem to adore.

Race Bannon said...

...and the security. "Drop everything, the King of BFE is coming to New York, via Newark, and he can't be stopped in traffic in a tunnel, or a bridge..."