Monday, March 7, 2016

We are at War?

US Drone Strike Kills More Than 150 al-Shabaab Fighters

Are we at war in Africa? Did we invade Sudan? Will this story be talked about in the media after today?

If we had a Republican President, or even a President Trump, these questions would be asked, over and over, and politicians in Washington would be questioning how we knew Americans were not among the campers.

Did we get UN approval - was NATO notified? Did congress authorize an attack in a sovereign country?

[I am not against droning a terrorist camp - if our intelligence community said so, I am good with it. I just think the President should be getting on the news and announcing this, rather than it being a below the fold news story.]

But take note, what if it was a Tomahawk missile strike from a US ship.  Would the news sound different?  What if it was a team of SF guys, in and out, with CIA guys to exploit the intel that was bound to be there.  Would that make more news?

Also note - the story says they were planning an attack on US forces.  US forces where?

Sounds to me like we are at war - missiles, dead guys, planed attacks on US forces.