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Fair is Fair...

from Obama says it’s only ‘fair’ to raise taxes on the rich. He’s wrong. by Arthur Brooks

"...If opportunity in America is a sham — if the system is rigged and some people get the breaks only for reasons of luck, birth, or discrimination — then merit is fictitious and redistribution brings greater fairness. But if America is an opportunity society — if you have the chance to work harder, get more education and innovate — then rewarding merit is fair, and it is fair for some to make more money than others...

...If you descended from immigrants, ask yourself: Why did my ancestors come here? I suspect it wasn’t to find a fairer system of forced income redistribution. It was to find a place where they could get a fair shake, where they could start their own business, and where hard work and good ideas would be rewarded...

...In a 2005 study published in the American Economic Review, economists at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studied 29 countries and showed that a belief in luck over merit was strongly linked to the level of taxation and spending on social programs. Furthermore, they showed that the more citizens believed in a merit-based system, the more their public policies produced such a system...

...There is certainly a role for government in this system. Private markets can fail due to monopolies (which eliminate competition), externalities (such as pollution), the need for public goods (such as education, which is indispensable in an opportunity society), corruption and crime. Furthermore, most economists agree that some social safety net is appropriate in a civilized society. When the government focuses on these things, it assists the free-enterprise system.

But when a government that has overspent for years turns to tax increases instead of spending cuts simply for the sake of “fairness,” it weakens free enterprise, lowers opportunity and impoverishes us in many ways.

And that is simply unfair."

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Kick'n it since...

The 'fro shrinks, but the brain is as big as ever...

A man like Sowell should again work for the Government, I believe he could be trusted to dismantle large portions of it...

Directive 10-289...

Did you know that elected representatives in our government are railing against technology, against innovation.  Bring back the horse and buggy! Where did all the farriers go! 

I can hear it now, "In this present crisis, for the good of the people, I humbly submit Directive 10-289..."

[Notice Mr. Jackson Jr's statement at 2:05..."obsession with debts and deficits"]

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They Finally Did It...

They invented a time machine, its called..."The Internet"

It wasn't so easy to hear the lyrics, especially if you had this:

(If you didn't just eat, go HERE, warning - don't look directly at his shirt, it may cause harm to the eyes)

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Temporary Duty Assignments.  I came across the video below on and recognized some faces.  The FBI's role in Afghanistan has been evolving since 9/11.  Last year they cancelled a program referred to in the Bureau as the "embedded" program, where FBI SWAT operators were paired with Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) members and embedded with Special Forces groups.  The idea was that after the SF guys did their work, Special Agents would be there to gather evidence, assist with interviews, etc.  I don't know if the program was halted due to changes in the overall U.S. role, or because of some incidents where...well...the military does what the military does, and law enforcement does what law enforcement does - and they don't always go well together ( know, like chocolate and peanut butter).  I think the troops liked it, I don't think the higher-ups did.  (A law enforcement officer has to account for every round he fires - whereas in the military...its just different).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free and Fair...

As I was eating my banana this morning, I saw a sticker around the bunch that proclaimed: "FAIR TRADE certified".  It scared me.

I immideatly recalled that a day or two ago, I was sitting around with some educated, enlightened citizens.  I came in on the tail end of a discussion, but it must have been centered around (un)employment and the price of things (inflation).

These men, as I could discern from their final statements, were in favor of high employment and low the United States.  

The final 'Uh-huh's and 'You got that right's were against corporations sending jobs overseas, and these men had agreed that sending the jobs over there, was part of what has caused our current crisis of high unemployment, low growth, etc. Like I said, these men were educated.  I didn't ask, but I'll bet, that these men were Republicans. 

If you look at it on the surface, we have seen increasing number of companies moving operations, foreign countries.  And, we have high unemployment. So, they must be tied together? And that is where the thinking usually stops.

Companies should be able to find the cheapest means of production and service.  Companies don't function any other way.  If these men are upset that it is cheaper to have things made overseas, which includes the cost of flying managers and executives back and forth...the cost of shipping supplies and products around the world...paying import duties, etc., then they should favor creating an environment here that would 1) make it worth a company's while to keep the operations here, and 2) make it worth it for the employee who would rather file for unemployment than take that job.

How?  Well that is a legitimate function of government.  In fact, that was one of the primary reasons for the formation of our government.  Maybe the primary reason.  The 2nd Continental Congress met to discuss fix the failure of the Articles of Confederation's lack of facilitating commerse among the different states. 

The role of government is not to protect businesses within its jurisdiction, it is to create an environment in which they can succeed.  On there own.  The Constitution facilitated governing the relationships between the trade.

It works with countries too.  A country's wealth is not determined by how much money it has.  Money is printed - and you can't print your way to prosperity (See Ben Bernake, 21st Century).  A country's wealth is determined by the amount of goods and services it produces.  Free trade increases the amount of goods and services a country can produce.  In the long run, a country will buy only that amount that it can afford.  So if you are worried about a trade imbalance - it is only a problem if it is caused by trade restrictions. 

Is this racist? I mean, not all Canadians are mounted...
[Please - don't confuse Free Trade with NAFLA (the North American Free Lunch Agreement), free trade does NOT mean no borders, no inspections, no customs]

I used to say that I was not a Free Trader, I was a Fair Trader.  This came about because certain countries would remove their trade barriers (taxes, limits, etc.) and trade 'freely' with countries that sought to gain by imposing their own restrictions . . . but as things go, the term 'Fair Trade' has taken on a whole new meaning (by those same people who trade 'Liberal' for 'Progressive', and then switch it again).

You know NOT to trust people who come up with these: I guess I'm a Free Trader, as long as it is Fair. 

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My Back Hurts...

I was racing to finish reading Atlas Shrugged before the movie came out.  Rand won.  I have a paperback version, so small words - I do alot of squinting.  Around midnight, I adopted a reading position I'd given up a long time ago due to lower back pain. It's as close to yoga as I get - and my back is paying the price this morning. 

I anticipate the movie will be a let down, expectations being high.  I read a little about the production, and it seemed that due to circumstances they did not get to do everything they wanted.  However, its not a Hollywood production per se, so maybe it has a chance.

Back to my back...

I woke up, took a glance at, then the workout of the day at (its a Hero WOD, dedicated to a fallen soldier).  I don't know what made me do it, but then I went to Google and entered "Mach 3 video game."  I used to play it at an arcade in Scottsdale called 10 Cent Games.  I spent literally several dollars playing that game.  Just thinking about it, I can smell the arcade and hear the sounds. 

Oh yah, my back...

Then I came across this guy, and my back doesn't feel so bad: (I edited the article, the full version is here)

At 75, many of my friends began to pass away. People were getting older around me, but I was only just ready to retire. I carried on rowing and publishing a dentistry newsletter until I was 82.

Then at 85 I had a crisis. I looked at myself in the mirror one day, and saw an old man. I was overweight, my posture was terrible and there was skin hanging off me where muscle used to be. I looked like a wreck. I started to consider the fact that I was probably going to die soon. I knew I was supposed to slow down, but I'm vain. I missed my old body and wanted to be able to strut across the beach, turning heads.

I was already rowing six times a week, and there didn't seem any harm in pushing myself a bit harder to rebuild my muscles. So in my late-80s I joined a bodybuilding club.

There's no research into bodybuilding for the over-80s, so it's been an experiment. With weight-lifting and protein shakes, my body began to change. It became broader, more v-shaped, and my shoulders and biceps became more defined. People began to comment on how much younger I looked, and my new muscular frame drew a lot of admiring glances from women.

Everything I learned was tailored to help my body cope with old age. I took up judo to teach me how to fall properly. My circulation and posture improved, and I was told that there was a chance more muscle mass could protect my brain from Alzheimer's. I stopped thinking about dying. As I approached 90, my focus was on getting my body back.

In 2008, I signed up for my first championship. I was nervous, but although I was the oldest contestant by around 20 years, everyone was very welcoming. I got higher scores than all the women taking part, and a lot of the men. Then, at last year's event in Germany, I triumphed, scoring higher than any contestant in any age category for my 57 dips, 61 chin-ups, 50 push-ups and 48 abdominal crunches, each in 45 seconds. As I'm over 70, they did make allowances – I could do the push-ups on my knees, for example – but I proved I wasn't past it.

I'm not chasing youthfulness. I'm chasing health. People have been brainwashed to think that after you're 65, you're finished. We're told that old age is a continuous state of decline, and that we should stop working, slow down and prepare to die. I disagree. To me, a 65-year-old is young. I turn 92 this year. It is a frightening prospect – the law of averages is against me, and, yes, one day something will happen and that will be it. But until that day comes, I'm going to carry on working on my abs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's all about the Hamiltons baby...

What's your thoughts on Obama's birth certificate?

It's a strange story.  I know little about Obama, just because it frustrates me that he was able to win the election despite his statements, his past alliances, his lack of success in anything - and so I have not sought to learn more about him.  I'm ready to  

As far as the birth certificate.  I knew this early on: nobody disputes who his mother was.  She was American.  He is an American.  In my mind, the worst case scenario - there is question as to the father, or he was actually born in Africa.  It doesn't matter.  Mom never renounced her citizenship, she is an American.  Americans that have kids elsewhere merely have to fill out some paperwork when they get back that confirms their child is an American.  I suppose this could have happened with Obama. And he, or his advisers, thought an American public stupid enough to elect him, could just as easily be turned off thinking he is not a "natural born citizen." 

Daniel Freedman explains it here.  Its an article about how Mitt Romney explains what Donald Trump doesn't understand...AND THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT WITH TRUMP!  A President of the United States shouldn't shoot his mouth off like Trump does.  Of course, a President of the United States shouldn't do a plethora of things that Obama does - but we already have that problem, lets not jump to another one.

...oh, the Hamiltons?  Some say the debate about the Article II statement "...natural born citizen" was an attempt to keep Alexander Hamilton from becoming president.  Considering many things, including the fact that most delegates at the time would hardly have considered Hamilton a likely candidate anyway, is an unlikely reason for the requirement.  

...then there was (as mentioned in the article linked above) the United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790, which clarified that foreign born children of Americans - were by birthright - American.  Oh...but they were sure to include the fact that the Father had to be American...which Hamilton's was not*.  And that, I believe, could have been, in the least, nudged in there by the anti-Hamiltonians.

I'm just sayin'....

*Neither was Obama, but read the article, congress took care of that later.  Oh, and the similarities between Obama and Hamilton END THERE.  Hamilton was the definition of success and accomplishment, Obama defines something else...and don't get me started on Hamilton as a supporter of 'Big Government' - as you hardly can compare starting a nation, with what we have today - the United States is what it is because of vision like Hamilton's, had Jefferson and the anti-federalists prevailed...I told you not to get me started.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Can't we make this work somehow...

Two headlines from today's net-web:

Scientists: Controllers Need Naps on the Job

FBI Uses High-Tech Photo Equipment in Search for More Bodies

Can't we combine these?  Why not:

FBI Need Naps on the Job

I'm sure the naps could help.  They do it in Mexico, its called a ciesta - in the middle of the day, they stop manufacturing nothing, and go home for a big meal and a nap, look how it has helped that country...

...back to combining things.  This probably isn't how you remember the commercials:

Sorry folks, its Friday, and its been a long week.

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Barack for Vaclav?  We'll throw in a really nice plane to cart him around...

CLICK HERE  (I think this is straight from the missing chapters of Atlas Shrugged...)

Okay, so he's a cleptomaniac, he still gets free markets better than the POTUS...


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What we have here... a failure to communicate.

The President gave a speech today.  That's what he does.

Its campaign time for Mr. Obama.

...but one thing in his speech jumped out at me:

"Think about it. In the last decade, the average income of the bottom 90% of all working Americans actually declined. The top 1% saw their income rise by an average of more than a quarter of a million dollars each. And that’s who needs to pay less taxes? They want to give people like me a two hundred thousand dollar tax cut that’s paid for by asking thirty three seniors to each pay six thousand dollars more in health costs? That’s not right, and it’s not going to happen as long as I’m President."

Other than the blatant molestation of statistics he perpetrated, he again shows off his total lack of understanding of basic economics - his beliefs are on the wrong side of history.

If Mr. Obama were a student in my economics class, I would ask him, "What would you do with the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars Barack?" 

"Would you invest it? How?  By putting it in the market?  Which would allow businesses to spend that money, making things, paying people?  Would you have to pay taxes on the money you gained from your investment?  Would the businesses have to pay taxes on income they generate from your money?  Would the sales generate taxes for local governments?"

"Would you put in in the bank, in an interest baring account?  Which would allow the bank to lend it to individuals, and businesses, who would pay to borrow that money - pay your 'interest,' plus a little for the bank?  Would the bank have to give the government a portion of the money for FDIC insurance, and then a portion in taxes on the profits?  Would the individuals and businesses who borrow that money, have to pay taxes on the profits they generate with it?  Would you have to pay taxes on the interest you earned?"

"Would you buy something?  Some high end products, like a boat, or house, or spend it on vacation? Would companies have to make the things you buy - would they employ people to build those things?  Do you get served on your vacation - by people with jobs?  Would you pay taxes on every transaction?  Would employees and employers pay taxes on every transaction of your $250,000?"

"Mr. Obama, where do the seniors you speak of get their health care?  Oh, from companies?  Companies that borrow money?  Companies that need your dollars to invest?"

"Mr. Obama, unless you put that money in your mattress - it goes back into the society you are trying to destroy.  Oh, and since you have been flooding the market by printing new stuff, putting it in your mattress may help too!"

"Mr. Obama, you get a D- in economics, you are short sighted and can't get past the first line of thought that comes to you.  The "tax break" you speak of will generate MORE taxes, and will keep the cycle of business going.  I've heard your "fairness" argument - if I hear that one again, I'll downgrade your D-...and you will get an NRT - Not Responding to Training!"

A Man with a Plan...

There are many people who go to Washington, and Washington changes them.  Paul Ryan has been in Washington for a long time.  A long time for a young guy (born 1970). 

If we could just get Paul Ryan, together with Chris Christie...

I don't do P90X, per se.  But like Ryan indicated - you can't commit to the program, and not get results.  You can't not! 

In my line of work, fitness is a must.  Don't get me wrong, there are many who get winded climbing a set of stairs...but they know how to blend and hide, far from the tip of the spear (insert inspiring music)...I do a homemade version of Crossfit.

But if you have ever committed to a fitness program, and seen the improvements, you know - it transcends to other parts of your life. 

Ryan had time to develop his Roadmap, because he was up early in the morning working out, leading others, and his mind was charged for the rest of the day... while President Obama flies in his personal trainer, (after he directed a freeze on all non-essential travel of other Government employees), he could have just thrown down with Ryan.  Yah right.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Technically speaking...

FBI Director Sheepishly Admits Agency Hasn't Solved Single Crime In 10 Years

WASHINGTON—In response to a probe into the bureau's operational costs, FBI director Robert Mueller timidly told Congress Wednesday that the organization he oversees has not technically solved any crimes since 2001.

After confirming that the FBI does indeed have more than 13,000 special agents deployed to investigate cases all across the country, Mueller stressed that the bureau's internal process was "complicated," and that the fact that not one case file has been closed in the past decade is not unexpected.

According to records, the last case the FBI officially solved was a Topeka, KS mail fraud offense in February 2001.

"It's hard to explain to a layman precisely how our operations work, but it's really more about analyzing crimes than it is about actually, you know, arresting perpetrators and convicting them," a fidgeting Mueller said. "It's a process, is what I'm trying to say. It isn't always so simple as 'solved' and 'unsolved.' That's been especially true this decade, I think."

"Besides, solving crimes, per se, is relatively basic," Mueller added. "We're trying to set our sights a little higher, is the thing."

According to Mueller, while the FBI has worked tirelessly over the past decade to obtain leads, collect a substantial amount of evidence, and organize a thorough criminal database, it has still failed to solve any cases, despite coming close several times.

Offering a variety of reasons for the surprising results, Mueller insisted that while many in the agency would love to be solving more federal crimes, in the end, the majority of cases usually work themselves out anyway.

"I think the problem here is that everybody is thinking too narrowly about this whole crime-solving thing," said Mueller, adding that preventing crimes from happening in the first place was much more important than solving crimes that had already been committed and that no one could do anything about at that point. "Besides, a lot of the really softball, solvable cases don't come across our desk at all. We let local law enforcement handle that stuff, and, you know, we don't want to step on their toes or anything."

"Honestly, I don't even associate the words 'FBI' and 'solving crimes' in my mind, really," Mueller added.

Mueller also said that investigative journalists basically solve 20 percent of crimes before the FBI even has a chance.

Growing increasingly frustrated, Mueller testified that in a broader sense, the problem of crime could not really be "solved" unless society were changed as a whole—a task, he said, that did not fall under the FBI's purview.

"We spend a lot of hours investigating and we have arrested suspects, but even if you convict someone, what have you accomplished?" Mueller asked. "At the end of the day, we can slap some cuffs on some creep, but that's not going to bring 15 decapitated kids back. That's not solving anything."

When asked for an accounting of the bureau's $7.9 billion budget, Mueller said a significant portion of those funds were dedicated to eliminating those who question the FBI's accounting.

***brought to you by the Onion.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keep it simple...

Phillip II of Macedon, after conquering many Greek city-states looked to conquer Sparta.  He sent a warning through a messenger:

‘If we win the war we will take you’re lands, burn down your houses, enslave your women, and kill your children.’

The Spartan reply:


Phillip II never made war with Sparta...

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yesterday I took a ride with a local Sheriff's Deputy through a certain part of a certain town.  We were in a minivan, unmarked, no radio.  He remarked, "This is dangerous." 

"What?," I replied.

" this part of town," he answered.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt anybody..."

He laughed. 

I meant it as humor, but I did not return the laugh.

I contemplated keeping the moment going, and what came to my mind was a quip that was used on me years ago...I would shoot him a disgusted look and order, "Just give me your spare mags." 

But we were several calibers different, and I don't think he had a spare....


Friday, April 8, 2011

Shutdown showdown...

Just so you know (I used to have a boss that said that all the time, so I enjoy saying it...), if you work with or near federal government employees - talk about the possible "shutdown" has replaced work that would be "shut down." 

Just like any normal company, its people's jobs.  Its a break from reality.  Some of the rumors are incredible.  There will be negative consequences, if certain people are not allowed to perform their work.  But it is mostly a political show - and the consequences are political too. 

"The majority of federal employees - about three out of four feds - would NOT be subject to a furlough during a shutdown." Post Office - not effected. The Social Security Administration will still send out benefits, as well as take applications.
The Government has money, in their accounts (and in some desk drawers if you have been around a while :)
Other things NOT effected:

  • Jobs that provide for the national security, including the conduct of foreign relations essential to the national security or the safety of life and property.
  • Jobs that provide for benefit payments and the performance of contract obligations under no-year or multi-year or other funds remaining available for those purposes.
  • Conduct essential activities to the extent that they protect life and property, including:
    • Medical care of inpatients and emergency outpatient care;
    • Activities essential to ensure continued public health and safety, including safe use of food and drugs and safe use of hazardous material;
    • The continuance of air traffic control and other transportation safety functions and the protection of transport property;
    • Border and coastal protection and surveillance;
    • Protection of federal lands, buildings, waterways, equipment and other property owned by the United States;
    • Care of prisoners and other persons in the custody of the United States;
    • Law enforcement and criminal investigations;
    • Emergency and disaster assistance;
    • Activities essential to the preservation of the essential elements of the money and banking system of the United States, including borrowing and tax collection activities of the Treasury;
    • Activities that ensure production of power and maintenance of the power distribution system; and
    • Activities necessary to maintain protection of research property.
So....SHUT IT DOWN! Come everybody, together....

However (I know, I get excited), there is a balance here - the Republicans need to take a stand - and get the public to understand their goals.  They ALSO, need to keep Paul Ryan's 2012 budget and 2012 election in mind...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pants on fire...

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, the United States Senate voted on a motion by Senator Rand Paul.  The motion contained the language:

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

ZERO Democrats voted in favor of this language.  Not one.  If you know Rand Paul, you know why he made the motion.  He doesn't want the U.S. Military used "as the world's police." But there was more to the specific language put in the motion.

John Yoo wrote about this in National Review Online.  I like John Yoo. You might not agree with what he believes, but he is not afraid to say it, he has been brutally honest with his legal opinion, and lesser minds have tried to hang him for his opinion.  (Plus, if I were him, you bet I would'a been quoted, "Yoo gotta do what Yoo gotta do"...and stuff like that).

I Googled the entire quote.  Guess what I found:

"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Barack Obama.  Answer to question while being interviewed by Boston Globe.  Boston, I guess.  2007.  He wanted to get elected President.

I found the questions in the interview delightfully lame.  The Globe might as well have asked, "If President Bush didn't actually do something, but I ask a question as if he did...would you oppose it?" 

We all know Obama's response to that: "I would never sign off...on something President Bush were accused of doing...even if...I knew...he didn't do long as I could do it...once elected."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here we go again...

They probably did this before I posted, I just didn't see it...

FOX News, ultra-right-wing-conspiracy place that it is, published this:  "The official said the president doesn't want government shutdown, but they think from a "good government" perspective and for "good housekeeping," they need contingency plan."

HERE is the plan

You will note that it is similar to Clinton's press release (only this time, before the shutdown, so they can take every advantage to blame the Republicans):

"800,000 federal employees (the same as 1995) the official says is the "vicinity" of workers who would be affected." (Remember, they will all get back pay, so its their 'work' that is affected)

"IRS filings with paper claims won't be processed and audits will also be stopped. Electronic claims will continue. Small business loans and Federal House Administration mortgages will also be halted." (Again, good - don't depend on the government)

The National Institutes of Health will not be accepting new patients or starting new clinical trials. (this should be private too, if I'm wrong - I know I'm right when I say it should be smaller)

The Cherry Blossom parade in D.C. this weekend wouldn't be happening (WTF - I thought this was a District of Columbia thing, our taxes fund this?)

National parks will be closed, along with the Smithsonian (which includes things like the National Zoo). (How is seeing the Grand Canyon not a 'vital national security issue'?! Oh, and since it costs money, it should be open)

Will they...

Will the Federal Government have a "shut down" ?  


We need hundreds of billions of dollars cut from spending.  The Republicans want to cut $100 billion (for the entire fiscal year), Democrats...seriously, they have moved from nothing, to half way.

Shut it down!

The Democrats believe the Republicans will pay for this - the MEDIA has pushed this over and over, that is all you hear.  It is possible (especially with the media's help), but only if the Republicans let it happen.  Obama is so ripe to be painted as The One who can't fix this...not to mention he is in hiding since Axelrod and Emanual left.

One website pointed out that the government has shut down many times, but the standoff in 1996 was skillfully played by Clinton when he published the 'costs':

•Lost Dollars: The six-day shutdown cost taxpayers about $800 million, including $400 million to furloughed federal employees who were paid, but did not report to work and another $400 million in lost revenue in the four days that the IRS enforcement divisions were closed.
Inconvenienced Citizens (While its totally true that furloughed employees will get paid, they shouldn't! And it is a total play on numbers to say that IRS enforcement lost $400 million in revenue, do you think the IRS forgave money owed?)

•Medicare: Some 400,000 newly eligible Medicare recipients were delayed in applying for the program. (Delayed...the government shut down for a week, stop depending on the government for everything.)

•Social Security: Claims from 112,000 new Social Security applicants were not processed. 212,000 new or replacement Social Security cards were not issued. 360,000 office visits were denied. 800,000 toll-free calls for information were not answered. (Again, it was shut down for a week - this is a good example of government controlling too much of people's lives)

•Healthcare: New patients were not accepted into clinical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) clinical center. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ceased disease surveillance and hotline calls to NIH concerning diseases were not answered. (Thanks, we have Google now...)

•Environment: Toxic waste clean-up work at 609 sites stopped as 2,400 Superfund workers were sent home. (And nobody died, or got sick, as most of these are just money making boondoggles for the people that were sent home)

•Law Enforcement and Public Safety: Delays occurred in the processing of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives applications by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; work on more than 3,500 bankruptcy cases reportedly was suspended; cancellation of the recruitment and testing of federal law enforcement officials reportedly occurred, including the hiring of 400 border patrol agents; and delinquent child-support cases were delayed. (Note the use of the word "reportedly" - it didn't happen, and it won't happen...the DOJ and other law enforcement entities already have a hiring freeze in effect....and what child-support cases are federal?)

•US Veterans: Multiple veterans' services were curtailed, ranging from health and welfare to finance and travel. (This is a needed service...but folks, it was 6 days, congress did and will fund emergency spending for military and national security)

•Travel: 80,000 passport applications were delayed. 80,000 visas were delayed. The resulting postponement or cancellation of travel cost U.S. tourist industries and airlines millions of dollars. (Good - stay home, spend your money here.  80,000 in a week? Sounds high.)

•National Parks: 2 million visitors were turned away from the nation's national parks resulting in the loss of millions in revenue. (Open the gates - its our park!)

•Government-backed Loans: FHA mortgage loans worth more than $800 million to more than 10,000 low-and-moderate-income working families were delayed. (Awesome - cancel the program altogether!)

Hopefully your still reading (this means you Pat!)...

Isn't this what the 2010 elections were all about?!  The new Republicans need to stand up - no more continuing resolutions, no half measures.  Tow the line!  Shut it down!

If not, if we get that half measure - throw them out! All of them!

Another iPad giveaway....

Actually, its and iPad2.  And second prize is a Nook!

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The Jersey Shore...

...not everything it appears like on TV

View more videos at:

The third video on the article link here, mentions that the family doesn't know why this happened.  I wonder if the house was a stash house for drugs? You never know....

Friday, April 1, 2011


I often hear stories about somebody dealing with a police officer who they said was rude, or treated them like a criminal when they weren't.  The answer - maybe something was on his/her mind...

I have nightmares about making traffic stops. Maybe its because I haven't made a 'routine' traffic stop in years, and while my brain stores the memory of every traffic stop, it only shows me parts of some, merged with parts of others.  Police officers don't practice 'routine' traffic stops, they don't practice giving a smile and warning, they don't even practice writing tickets (even though they seem very good at it), the only traffic stop police officers practice for are the bad ones. Only, for the cop on the street, they don't always get a warning as to what kind they are making.

I do Crossfit, I train very hard.  I often get asked why?  The answer: There is always somebody out there training harder...