Sunday, May 25, 2014


The shooting rampage in California will of course be blamed on guns.  What IS known right now is that the shooter's father and mother work in Hollywood, and that the shooter's family was worried about the condition of his mental health BEFORE the shootings.  The family actually called the police to go check on him after he posted a video on You Tube where he talked about killing people and committing suicide.  The shooter wrote in a "manifesto" which documented his rejection by girls at a college he attended, that the police came, but did not search and find his guns and ammunition  (a "welfare check" by police would not allow for a search of the residence without consent.  The family, however, could have searched any time they wanted).  The press is reporting that the guns and ammunition possessed by the shooter were "legally purchased."

"Did Man create God"

The father of the shooter, who created a 2009 documentary called Oh My God with a budget of $1.25 million and earnings of $38,244, said the family "is staunchly against guns."

A father of one of the victims said, "The talk about gun rights…when will enough people say 'Stop this madness, we don't have to live like this, too many people have died.'"

Legal in all 50 states
I certainly have sympathy for the parents of the victims, but…it seems that (Hollywood, modern college life, etc. aside) it is another case of a mentally ill person not receiving appropriate care.  He could have legally purchased BMW, without possessing a firearm.  After he did not complete college, did his father take his BMW away?
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I do not know California state law, but in most if not all states, if there is a belief that a person is a danger to themselves and others (let alone supported by video on You Tube) a family member can obtain an emergency committal order of some duration where a mental health review is conducted.  Law Enforcement can be used to execute and enforce the order.  During that time the family could have searched the apartment and discovered the firearms.  However, the firearms were just one tool he could have used, the real danger was that he was left alone.

I am jumping to as many conclusions as the media.  They believe stronger gun laws will prevent future tragedies.  I believe stronger families will prevent future tragedies...