Sunday, January 9, 2011

...I hope you didn't just eat.

Within hours of the mass shooting in Tucson, the clueless Pima County Sheriff blames talk radio.

...let me translate the Sheriff for you:

"I don't like political free speech when it contradicts what I believe.  I'm going to take this moment when the state, and the nation are focused on me, and let my emotions steer the conversation - and jeopardize the investigation..."

Soon after, CNN had 'national political correspondents' on with Wolf Blitzer citing Sarah Palin's 'targets' (she's not smart, but she designs her own web-graphics?).  Wolf did ask, "...but is there any evidence suggesting motive on the part of the shooter?" (paraphrased), and the answer was a clear "No!"

...this is the bias, the slant, in the mainstream media that the left does not see, does not hear, and does not believe exists. is quite possible that while I was watching wall-to-wall coverage Fox, there was unbalanced coverage of the Congresswoman's status as a "blue dog democrat."  But that is what she is? 

I thought it odd that the FBI's involvement at this stage (people still being worked on in the E.R.) would be made public.  I thought it widely inappropriate for the Director of the FBI to be dispatched to Arizona.  Let the cops do the investigation, let the Special Agents do their job. The Federal Government has a role here, a Federal Judge was killed and a United States Congresswomen was shot.  However, we should recognize that with FULL-TIME cable news coverage - it should be reinforced that this is (at the time) a matter for the local police, and the President is not going to ride in on a magical unicorn and save us.

I was relieved to see the FBI's Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Division ("Sack" as the clueless Sheriff stated, after he said on mic, "What's your name?") Nate Gray take the mic and state, "We are here, and we are not commenting..."  (I paraphrased).


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