Thursday, January 13, 2011

From NRO... doubt several million in grants (tax payer money) will be spent to find out why flocks of birds die for no "apparent" reason.

Funny, I don't recall my parents ever teaching me to treat all firearms as if they are loaded.  I don't remember my parents telling me to only point a firearm at something I am willing to kill or destroy. 

...but I guess it just came along with the rest of the good stuff they said...that, and watching alot of violent '70s TV. Any kid alive during the '70s knows that a powerful handgun can "blow your head clean off." 

Parents can't stop mental illness.  But they do have some responsibility for a 22-year-old, who never left their home.

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nicole said...

Another great post - I had to zoom in that picture of the Glock 'cause it looks just like mine!