Thursday, June 6, 2013

Unmanned Rifles...

Having spent a lot of time recently with a Glock - I have been thinking about triggers (I dislike Glock triggers, but we're working it out).  I was thinking, just like those nasty wax rings we still use when installing toilets - haven't we evolved away from triggers?  Shooting accuracy all comes down to establishing a stable shooting platform (even if that platform is moving) and a good trigger press.

I was also watching videos regarding unmanned arial vehicles....drones.  Isn't it funny how the technology is what's in question.  As if launching manned planes into foreign countries without their permission and killing their citizens...and some of ours...would be acceptable.  Just don't use a remote control to do it!  I'm not talking about my position regarding the recent media reports - I'm just fascinated that the indignation seems to be that it 'seems like a video game.'  Rand Paul has said he is 100% in favor of the use of drones by the US Military...he's just against the US Government killing US Citizens.

In watching the video above - you can see that the future is here.  You don't need a trigger (that can be jerked) and you don't need the delivery system to be shaped like conventional rifle.  The technology shown in the video, mounted to a rifle, suffers the same range the rifle.  That is only because the mounted to the rifle.

Among the implications is the fact that anybody can become a long range sniper...and fire a shot from their iPod...from an unmanned rifle.



LL said...

I first saw this demonstrated about a year ago. It takes the flinch and the human factor out of the most serious cause for a miss. The software is good on a static target. One day it will be able to track movement once tagged, but it's not there much the way that the new smart munitions will track a target once lazed no matter what it does. With a sniper, firing a conventional kinetic round, there will always be limitations.

The next generation will be smart ammunition. We worked on this somewhat at my company, Ashima. The round is a drone. And while you will immediately dismiss this as SciFi -- don't just yet. The bullet, a 40mm projectile, is limited by the circuit's ability to withstand the sort of super high G force once fired (exceeding speed of sound) from a conventional weapon, so the round itself is self-propelled.

Libertarian Advocate said...

Great! I can just see the complete mayhem that tech would cause all of us if it found its way into the hands of Valerie Jarrett.

LL said...

I offer condolences at your father's passing. Nothing I say will make a difference and there will still be a hole in your heart. I offer them all the same.

Patti said...

you need to post, Race. Dad would want you to keep this blog going.