Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey, Wait a Minute...

...during the 2008 presidential campaign, I remember hearing about a person fainting at an Obama rally, and how while Obama was in the middle of his speech, he stopped and addressed it, because he saw it. That day, I heard on the radio that it was not the first such incident. IT HAPPENED 16 TIMES.

Not that a person fainted at 16 different Obama rallies. That Obama stopped mid-sentence, acknowledged that a person 'may have fainted,' asked to get them water, asked for medical assistance, give the person room, give them some air, and then said that they would be alright. EACH TIME, get that - ALL SIXTEEN times, each one of those things happened.

As Medved pointed out, now during the trick, he says "she'll be okay," before medical assistance can be given. How does he know they didn't have a stroke, or are in diabetic shock?

Guess what. It happened again, exactly the same, during his post-Health Care Reform vote rally in Iowa just last week. Oh, and guess what?! It happened again in Ohio!

(For those of you that are fans, this is a classic Buckaroo Banzai move. See this move on Penny Priddy in the club scene...I couldn't find the end of the scene? But its basically the Obama schtick).

This is the President of the United States. It may turn out that this is just a nervous tick, and since he is such a great orator (teleprompter), his 'ticks' are full episodes. But, I think he is starting to believe that he is untouchable.


Mrs. K said...

Obama is a "tick" on the backside of mankind. I know it is not a very Christian remark but I just had to say it.

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