Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where's the Justice?

The Associated Press is reporting that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made her 'first' comments on Friday about the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry...which occurred on Tuesday, three days earlier.

...I'm not accusing Napolitano of being heartless, or of not caring about Terry. Maybe she communicated immediately with his co-workers or family - only they know. I am however, wondering why the former Governor of Arizona, who used to complain that the Federal Government was not doing enough on her border - isn't on TV on Tuesday focusing the nation's attention on what is going on down there.

I know, you laughed at that.

The Border Patrol was doing what it should be doing - the agents are well armed, well equipped. But why does the reaction of Bernie Madoff's wife to her son's suicide get more press than Terry's death?

We hear about the approximately 30,000 deaths (recently) in Mexico due to the drug cartels, the dozens of city Mayors bombs...beheadings...

...Then we hear that a rancher loses his farm in a US Court to illegal immigrants, a Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy is shot by illegals, a rancher is killed by illegal immigrants on his border ranch, and on, and on, and on.

The Border is not secure.

Terry's older sister, Michelle Terry-Balogh, 42, told The Associated Press that her brother’s dream was to be a federal agent, and that he loved his job. “It was his life,” she said. “He said it was very dangerous, but he loved what he did and wanted to make a difference.”

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Mrs. K said...

Terry's death does not sell newspapers or get the media reporter much recognition. Terry's death/sacrifice only affects his family/friends and AZ. security. Bernie Madoff's life touched thousands of greedy people and their pocketbooks.
Napolitano is only out for herself, as are all politicians. It is a crying shame...may God have mercy on us all.