Friday, June 29, 2012

Roberts Explained...

Roberts took a huge step in putting the government's use of the Commerce Clause to do anything and everying, in its proper place.  He also tee'd up Obamacare as a tax hike for Romney, all he has to do is hit it.

Frustrated?  Tired of hearing about the 'silver lining' in the SCOTUS decision? 

Take the time and READ THIS.

Under our current system, you are penalized for not owning a mortgage.  Mortgage interest is tax deductable.  Without it, or not being in the mortgage market - you pay more taxes.  I recognize this is different, but that is what Roberts is saying - congresss (whom the people chose) came up with a creative way of taxing us.  Roberts (correctly) says, it is not the Supreme Court's job to fix our elections.  It is our job, and we are getting what we paid for.

It won't be easy - the mainstream media will not report the truth, the President will continue to mischaracterize his intentions, and his results - but this was not the worst that could happen, by far.


LL said...

The government practice of subsidizing agriculture, the mortgage market, etc., etc. There is also the military industrial complex which makes neat war machines - but it's also welfare for the middle class as it feeds off taxes.

The issue of socialism runs deep and is based on the concept of human greed (politicians bribing the electorate with their own money) far more deeply than capitalism.

Obama, poster child for utopian socialists everywhere has either taught America a lesson, or he hasn't.

Opus #6 said...

I hope we can take advantage of the silver linings.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

So you're saying the worst is yet to come?