Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sign of the Times...

How messed up is our government?  In my opinion, our abusive government is just a sign of the times. When a report comes out, explaining that long needed government spending cuts will cost the private sector jobs - I think its time to explain, Mr. Romney, what the PRIVATE SECTOR is...

The worst of the worst...

Hundreds wrongfully included in New Jersey pension system

"A 2007 state law cut off from further pension gains anyone retained through public contracts or otherwise considered an independent contractor, directing they be removed from the pension system once their agreements expired. Old pension practices, including bulking up pensions by working for multiple government agencies, were viewed as “gaming” the system.

But in a report Tuesday, Comptroller Matthew Boxer said a review of 58 municipalities and school districts found widespread lack of compliance.
The comptroller said he referred 202 pension enrollees from 134 municipalities and 25 school districts to the state Division of Pensions and Benefits for review and removal of improper pension credits. They include 176 lawyers and 21 engineers.
If paid, he said, the accrued credits would cost the state about $1.9 million a year in benefits. Six individuals have already been voluntarily removed by local governments based on the state inquiry.
The comptroller estimated that his office could uncover hundreds of additional abuses and millions more in wasted pension dollars if it reviewed the remaining 515 municipalities and 597 school districts not included in the survey."
Chris Christie (not a Conservative, but plump full of common sense) has been reigning in government since his election as Governor.  One thing he focused on, was removing from the state pension system, people who were not...state employees.  The article is not clear on where the POWERFUL unions fall on this issue.  It is THEIR money! Who is protecting it?
Who is collecting pensions and benefits that shouldn't be?  Contractors and part-time employees, among others.  By 'part time employee' - that does not mean the man or woman working the counter at the drive thru.  It mostly means LAWYERS and engineers, who work somewhere else, but contract with a city to work on a project or issue.
"In many instances, skewed analyses by local governments resulted in private employees getting to stay on pension rolls, with some decisions based on the advice of the same attorneys getting the benefits.
“Government officials should not be relying on pension eligibility advice from the very attorney whose eligibility is at issue[.]
*It should be noted - one of the first comments on the original article was from a likely union member, who urged nullifying Governor Christie's changes to the pension system, and start over with these.  She is likely a teacher.  Its a sign of the times.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The larger a government gets, the worse the abuses with the peoples money. Remember when those who had the public's trust had a conscience?