Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pants on Fire...

Hopefully, this stays in the news.  Hopefully, our President will have to answer for this. [It should be noted that I am against all laws that limit free speech, especially political speech, so it is really an unconstitutional law that caused this].

The Obama campaign ran an add using a guy named Joe (they are still mad at Joe the Plumber) who lost his job when his factory went bankrupt.  He blames Mitt Romney, because Bain Capitol bought his company before it went under.  The first problem with this scenario:  Bain was brought in to save the company, that's what Bain does.  But I digress...

Now, a Super Pac (via stupid Campaign Finance Reform laws) makes an add with Joe.  The Obama campaign, and Obama spokesman Jay Carney, say they know nothing about it, as the law forbids and collusion with the Super Pac.

Problem - Joe is wearing the same clothes, Joe was being used by both the campaign and the Super Pac.  There may (and should) be a way to do this...but the Obama Campaign has said they don't know the Joe story, they don't know about the new add.  That CAN'T BE TRUE.  That is a lie.  Which means, maybe there is NOT a way around that law.

There are problems with Joe's story:

1) Bain took over Joe's company to help save it, he would have lost his job sooner without them.

2) After the company went under, Joe could have maintained his insurance with COBRA.

3) Joe's wife never had primary coverage from Joe's job.  She DID have her own insurance.

4) Joe's wife was diagnosed YEARS after all this happened - come on Joe, provide for your family!

But that is not the point.

There are fundamental differences between the Left and Right - summarized in this add.  The Left thinks somebody else is responsible for...well, everything.  A Super Pac for Romney should run counter-adds showing people solving their problems without companies, without government interference.

But that is not the point.

The Obama campaign, and Jay Carney - are lying.  That is the point.

....the really sad part.  Joe lost his wife.  And the Left is feeding off of his grief.


LL said...

The ObamaNation is beyond contempt.

They make me ashamed for America. (not OF America)

A lot of Kool-Aid drinkers will still vote for the Obama machine to continue in place.

There has NEVER been such a stark distinction between political left and right.

Mrs. K said...

How can so many people be so blind and stupid???