Thursday, October 25, 2012

Less Than Two Weeks...

Which one of the following, is the President of the United States:

   a)  The guy making the Grade-School Debate Team counterpoint

   b)  The guy not lowering himself, or his position, to the insulting behavior of the other

...but then again, when has that guy ever respected his Office?


LL said...

I'm sure that Obama got that line from one of his A. H. advisors and used it to what he thought was good effect.

Romney looked presidential, his responses to the questions were reasoned, measured and moderate.

Obama looked like a petulant, spoiled, machine politician from Chicago, which is precisely what he is. In Chicago, mugging for the camera and throwing insults is what passes for politics as usual.

The American people couldn't have a clearer choice and God help us if they send Obama back to the White House for another four years of a malaise-driven, tepid economy, apologetic foreign policy, a Chicago criminal masked as Attorney General, etc.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm sorry, Race, but I made my mind up four years ago who I'm voting for ... And it ain't the Golden Pantload.