Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where Do You Want to Live...

See below the County map of the United conservatives, don't get in an uproar, while some (misguided) individuals want to get rid of the Electoral College, the "square mile option" is not being anybody.  If you break it down into voting 'precincts' or 'wards' the country gets even redder....more redder...anyway, its less blue.  

One thought, push the blue cities into the blue ocean where they belong.  

Disappointing:  You see that Coeur d'Lane, Idaho, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and other areas of Free America have been bought out by the riches from Hollywood, etc..  Sadder still, Big Horn County Montana - population 13,000 - no doubt the reservation vote, and Miss

Washington state was not in by the time the map was made, but it would look much like Oregon, with the coast matching the blue of the ocean, and the west and Spokane County going to Romney Ryan, 51/46.

You should also note the most densely populated state of New Jersey, red in the northwest (where there are more trees than people), and Cape May County in the south...where people are just, happy.


LL said...

The map is very telling.

All of those sad, misguided people in fly-over country need to be purged. States such as Utah and Oklahoma with no blue pockets at all must be hell to live in.

States such as Missouri where the only blue spots are the places where people get their free ObamaPhones are interesting as well.

Sadly, the Federal Government and the Supreme Court will dictate from their blue pockets to the rest of America.

(You'll note that Orange County, California was the one of two coastal districts that did NOT vote for an ObamaNation...just saying)

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Too blue on my coast.