Friday, March 15, 2013


Headline from the "Right Wing" FOXNews:

CPAC Highlights Divisions in GOP

Why would it not read...

CPAC Highlights Diversity and Inclusion in GOP

Over and over again, they quote Reagan and his big tent theory... but they just don't get it.

There is a GOOD ARTICLE about Rand Paul and how he is working 'within' the GOP to change it.  He got that from his father, who learned his lesson...sort of.  I can't think of a candidate I like better than Rand Paul.  His comments on Paul Ryan highlight the differences between somebody I would vote for, and somebody I would campaign for, and he makes John McCain and Lindsay Graham look like the childish buffoons they are (you know how many spell checks it took me to spell buffoon correctly?  What a maroon!).  Don't get me wrong, Paul Ryan is great - working to better the party and the government.  But Rand Paul is the only one up there that would make the MASSIVE cuts that are required to save this ship.


Mrs. K said...

maroon? Isn't it moron? Or am I asleep at the wheel and missing something like the present administration?

Anonymous said...

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LL said...

CPAC usually irritates me for the very reason that you outlined. It did this time too. Rand Paul won the straw poll and I agree that he would seem to be the one with the correct vision for America.

The problem is that the low information voter (blue state, inner city) will follow popular media - not even MSNBC because the news is simply too difficult for them to digest. Conservatives have lost the war for those votes because you can't appeal to idiots in the same way that you appeal to moderately intelligent people.