Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Social Security For Whom...

Have you ever done your own taxes using $50 software?  It is amazingly simple and fast.  As you enter in (or download directly) your W-2s, 1099s, etc, it calculates what you owe, or your refund:

Booyah! Wait, that is money already confiscated by the government! Its MY MONEY.

One thing I do during the year, is manipulate the numbers to "plan" for next year.  Such as, in some states, you can donate directly to a school, up to a certain amount - and it will DIRECTLY reduce your State Tax burden.  Or, I can juggle my investments, or see what happens if I purchase that rental property.

...or...what if I claim child dependents that I do not ACTUALLY have using fraudulent or stolen Social Security numbers.  That one is HUGE! Since the "Additional Child Tax Credit" is a tax CREDIT - not a deduction, it comes directly off your tax bill...or gives you cash.

When you see that you owe, or even if you would just like a couple extra thousand dollars - try adding a fake child.  Or, borrow a child of a person who does not file.  In the inner cities, where there are little no fathers in the home, and little to no income - there are plenty of Social Security numbers out there "earning" nothing!

As people are learning from Obamacare - the government is not invested in the efficiency of a program (they should have learned this from the MVD), just the existence of a program.  Our beautiful Internal Revenue system was designed to collect taxes.  However, it has been bastardized (one of my favorite words) by politicians ON BOTH SIDES and is used to direct behavior.  It is like Adam Smith's Invisible Hand made visible...only with warts, and cuts, and dirty fingernails.

I benefit from the current system, as I own property, I have many children, and I donate to charity (but only so much that it helps I have, many, many children...who eat a lot, play sports, and do not clean their rooms! But I digress...).

In the current system, you can fill out your taxes using the software (or manually on paper, but I do not think that is as prevalent) and get your return before the IRS can figure out that your numbers are NOT legit.  Then, say, if you are an illegal alien, or just a neighborhood criminal, they can not find you - AND IN MOST CASES THEY DO NOT EVEN TRY - because the IRS can barely handle all the cases of $250,000 or more, they can not come after the $3,000 fraud cases, even if there are tens of thousands of them.

Want to try it?  Don't worry, some politicians think this is okay...


Opus #6 said...

And the more sports they play, the more they eat (my boy is demanding weekly steak dinners) and the more excuses they have for not cleaning their room (so tired after practice). :-)

LL said...

Since our tax system is used to provide "social justice" and to "manipulate behavior" such as rewarding a home mortgage, it works to provide an "ideal demographic". The Founding Fathers never anticipated this sort of behavior, but we're stuck with it. Maybe things would improve if we tripled the size of the IRS?

Or went to a flat tax that didn't reward anything and reduced the size of government (don't hold your breath) and the tax code.

Anonymous said...

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