Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Names...

I was just thinking...


LL said...

Is Mrs. Bannon expecting again?

Seven Bannon. it has a certain Hollywood baby name about it.

What about a Newark name?

If it's a boy:
Jamal Bannon
Rufus Bannon
Otis Bannon

Or if it's a girl:
Shaniqua Bannon
Mahalia Bannon
Oprah Bannon

No need to thank me personally. My work here is done.

Patti said...

i knew it was a joke when you texted me

Grammi Faith said...

Patti, it is no joke. I like the name Seven it is very close to Steven. Seven Charles Kopp, or Double O'Seven Kopp.

LL said...

Seven isn't patriotic.

Betsey Ross Bannon
Susan B. Anthony Bannon

George Washington Bannon
Thomas Jefferson Bannon

Or Race B. Kopp. What could top that one?