Friday, January 3, 2014

No Time...

I have not had time to blog, too much work, Holidays, and now, the worst storm the North Eastern United States has seen since...the last storm the North Eastern United States has seen…

Isn't it funny, that after enacting small twists to old laws, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker faced a recall.  Huge money was brought in from outside the state, a special election was held…and he won
Look, no sweat…confidence.
again (interesting, Walker support flowed in…and the Left complained about outside money!  While they shipped paid union picketers in to Madison).

Why do I say small twists?  The government telling government employees what they are allowed to collectively bargain for is not a big deal.  NJ RINO Chris Christie has said that it is not important enough for him to try and change that in NJ.  Rather, he says the government simply can't cave during the "bargaining" process.  Walker's plan is much more sound - and will last until the Left has control of the Governor and Wisconsin congress again.

[ Being from the West, deep in the heart of the Right-to-Work, and a "union" member myself, it still blows me away that people would want to be paid the same as everybody else, no matter the quality of their work?  I have NEVER had a job where I wanted to be paid what OTHER people made…]

…walking in circles
But, the Left is not done. They are again, going to spend tens of millions of dollars to try and unseat Walker.


Opus #6 said...

Tell them to bring it. I and my Twitter cohorts will rise up again to defend Scott Walker.

I must say the angst of the Left amuses me.

LL said...

What you write resonates with me.

And the progressive left is nothing if not relentless. Sometimes you feel like you're pounding sand with a hammer.

I became very weary of all these games and of working with the government - not that I didn't do good and enjoy the job. The big machine just grinds on you. Now I'm taking on a different challenge and only time will tell whether I'm successful at it. No certainty, but the freedom to chart a course for myself and my company.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I was union for 30 years and hated every minute of it. There were some real slim balls making the same money I was and doing nothing for it. Welcome to the communist collective.

Agent 54 said...

You and I think alike.

I can tell several stories of Union corruption from my working experience.

Now we must put Obamacare out of our misery this year!