Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yeah Right...

It is as if Attorney General Eric Holder does not understand how our system of justice works. At all.

The Real Dream Act

Long story short:  President Obama and Eric Holder believe there are too many black men in prison in America.  I agree.  And that is where the agreement ends.

They are there because they come from the inner cities where drug abuse is high, and therefore many are involved in the trafficking of drugs.  They are there because they come from the inner cities where there is virtually no marriage (except in the rich downtown gay area) and therefore no traditional nuclear families.

Obama and Holder believe that Justice has not been blind in these situations.

Most really long term drug sentences in federal court are the results of the defendant's refusal to cooperate after arrest.  The refusal to agree to testify against co-defendants.  The refusal to identify their supplier.  The refusal to identify the method and means by which the drug trafficking will continue after they are incarcerated.

But, there almost certainly are cases wherein defendants are sentenced to too many years.  So, contrary to what one might think…I am not against this.

IF the criteria is that a defendant already served 10 years, was not involved in violence, did not have other criminal history (prior convictions)…then their case should be REVIEWED.  However, how many cases are going to fit this?  It is a very small percentage.  No prior criminal history.  Please.

Mr. Holder, please direct your focus elsewhere.  Do not redirect government attorneys and resources as you have said.  Let the ACLU, whom you have already asked for help, identify those eligible.  Help redirect their efforts...


LL said...

I have lost complete faith in the ability of the Department of Justice to be just and "blind" as the law requires.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I have a dream!

Euripides said...

A lot of inner-city problems stem from liberal efforts to spend public money to "equalize" poor blacks. The result of such "charity" has been to destroy the black family, creating an epidemic of single moms who are even more susceptible to poverty and government handouts.

In turn, folks like Eric Holder cannot admit in the failed policies of the progressives, and so lash out at the "racists" as the root of all problems.