Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Why do teachers get "tenure"?  Why don't construction workers get tenure?  I know a lawyer who was laid off after years of working for the same company - why didn't he just get tenure.

Tenure, Firing Laws for California Teachers Tossed Out by Judge

And to boot, Democrat Secretary of Education Arne Duncan came out swinging in favor of the decision:

"The students who brought this lawsuit are, unfortunately, just nine out of millions of young people in America who are disadvantaged by laws, practices and systems that fail to identify and support our best teachers and match them with our neediest students.  Today's court decision is a mandate to fix these problems."

I don't know about matching the best teachers with the neediest students - but I do know that teaching should be like any other job - keep the good ones, get rid of the bad ones.

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LL said...

Unions only derive power when they can "support" the system of tenure and retain the dregs. The unions manage substantial pension funds, and are able to manipulate politicians through pushing 'the union vote'.

The Democratic Party enjoys the support of unions and have a vested interest in preserving the system even though it's been shown over time not to work well.

You see, it's not about education. It's about power.