Saturday, February 14, 2015

Change of Heart...

When the Brian Williams stuff first started, I was hesitant.  I heard him tell the story, it was stupid, just like many people do, he added a little.  But he always seemed to have the "out."  The way he said it, on several occasions, he meshed the story together, not pausing, so the helicopter "ahead of them" was actually an hour ahead of them.  He was sure his helicopter had been shot at too - it was confusing.  Whatever.

Then I saw this:

Then this:

What a dope.  Why would anybody say "thanks" to Brian Williams in association with the Bin Laden raid? And why wouldn't the person sign it?  Why would he be instructed not to look them in the eye?  That's funny, but because of the absurdity.

Now you deserve this:

...and this:



LL said...

Everyone that I know thinks that Brian Williams and the rest of the NBC crew are turds. Then again, that's my experience and it's limited. Nobody would haul any of them ANYWHERE unless the NBC rep leaped from the bird at 5000 ft in an unfortunate suicide. Then it's comic relief.

Euripides said...

I'm convinced that progressives have lost their grip on reality so much that truth and accuracy have no meaning to them. Brian Williams is their poster child. Obama is their ringleader.